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Dr. bob DeMaria:  Hello, I'm doctor Bob DeMaria and today I want to talk to you about optimal liver health.  A couple body signals I want you to be aware of.  There are certain foods that you might eat that are body signals to me that your liver might not be at 100 percent.

I often talk about the radish.  The radish is a bitter herb.  When I was doing my studies for my natural health degree, I took a class on herbology.  Herbs are very... health... they're promotional to optimal health in your body.  Well, radishes are a bitter herb.  That means, bitter herbs, kind of do this to your liver. So if radishes cause digestive distress, it's not that the radish is bad, you're going to want to start eating at least half a apple every day.  That red apple is going to help promote bile flow.

A couple other vegetables that might bother you, onions, eggs, garlic.  They are not bad foods.  But sometimes I'll have someone come in and they'll have distress and it's be cause of cucumbers, eggs and onions.  It's because your liver's not functioning at 100 percent, causes that distress.  Green peppers can do the exact same.

Let me give you another liver tip.  If you have coffee at 6 or 7 at night, and there's caffeine in that coffee, and you're going to be up for the next 24-48 hours, it's not the caffeine, it's your liver.  Your liver's not able to process that caffeine as logically as it should be.

I want to tell you a few herbs that I personally take on a regular basis for my own liver.  I take dandelion root every day.  It helps promote optimal liver function.  I also take peppermint leaf every day.  It helps promote optimal liver function.  A couple others, you could try milk thistle.  Milk thistle helps promote optimal liver function.

Glutathione, what a big word, glutathione.  It helps a process a process in your body called glucuronidation.  That helps get rid of all those unwanted, unfriendly chemicals in your body.

Let me give you some drugless action steps, all right?

A half a red apple every day.  At least a third cup of beets and one medium carrot.  Minimize any type of chemical that you're putting on your body that has toxins in it.  It's so important.  If radishes bother you, listen to this, I'm going to word this to you, in love of course, start eating radishes slowly, adding them to your diet.  Over time you'll notice you don't have any challenges with them anymore.  Cha-ching, your liver's functioning optimally.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor.


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses liver health in this video. Find out what common foods might cause them digestive problems, problems that could be related to liver congestion. Find out what supplements Dr. Bob takes himself to promote a healthy liver and ones that might work for you!
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