5 Keys to Preventing Cancer: You Won't Believe the Power of #4!

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Interviewer: You mentioned prevention. What aresome of the things that we can do on a day-to-day basis, week-to-week basis, toenhance our chances of not getting any of the diseases that we talked about,including cancer?

 Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAC:  Theinteresting thing, Scott, is that what we do for one disease is usually goodfor all diseases. It's the same principles that are simple, extremelyeffective, and hard to keep. 

 Diet is one of the first ones, you know stayingaway basically from junk food, from refined sugars, from soft drinks, from deepfried foods, from processed foods. Trying to eat organic, more greens, morefiber, and within it are a lot of modifications based on the person. I want togo into it in a generalized answer.

Sleeping enough. We are all sleep deprived,chronically sleep deprived. Now, sleep is not only the quantity, how many hourswe sleep, but also going to sleep at the right time, around 9 or 10 p.m.ideally, if we can sleep in a quiet place, and more important, sleeping in areally dark room. We need the darkness for melatonin to spike, and whenmelatonin spikes it protects the immune system, it is an anti-aging effect, andan anti-cancer effect.

The third is stress reduction. With whateverworks for us: if it's exercise, if it's dancing, if it's music, if it's art, ifit's meditation, if it's yoga and qi gong, whatever works for us to feel like,ah, we are more relaxed. When we are relaxed, everything gets healthier.

Exercise is very important, and especiallywalking. If we can walk one hour a day, there is no better medicine for notonly prevention of cancer, but prevention of recurrence of cancer, up to 60%.There's no medicine that gets close to it.

So we have these elements of lifestyle of diet,and sleep, and stress reduction, and exercise. And then, we do need to have agood supplement program: taking something like modified citrus pectin, takingformulations to help with regulation of inflammation, circulation and immunesupport. Definitely very, very important. If we keep all of this together, itwould really change our longevity. It's a great investment in living longer andliving healthier.



Dr. Isaac Eliaz discusses some important steps you can take to help you prevent cancer as well as other health conditions. There are a number of things you can do to increase your odds of staying healthy longer, no matter what your age!

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