5 Steps to Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes!

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Interviewer: Doctor, one of your other books isReversing Diabetes. We're talking about Type II Diabetes

 Dr. Don Colbert: Correct.

Interviewer: Probably one of, if not, the mosttalked about health concerns, I think, right now, in the country. How did weget to this point? Let's start with that.

Dr. Don Colbert: Real simple: obesity epidemic.Diabetes epidemic follows the obesity epidemic, and so, as the waistline goes,the blood sugar will go. 

So, again, one of the big things we find, thatin men, the first thing I do is I get their waist measurement and a man, lessthan 40 inches. It has the be around the umbilicus or navel or belly button,and you've got to include the love handles. We've got to get the waistlinedown. There's a few key things, but that's one of the most important. 

And then we have to put them on the right diet.Okay? Again, we avoid sugar. We also avoid most wheat and cornstarch. Nowyou're saying, why on Earth would you take the patients off wheat?' Well, wefind that wheat contains mainly two starches. One if Amlopectin A, 75% of wheatis Amlopectin A. That's wheat crackers, that's wheat cereal, that's pasta,that's bagels, that's pretzels, that's anything with wheat, and the other 25%is amylose, which is in beans, primarily, which is a good starch, low glycemicindex, fine. 

The Amlopectin A raises that blood sugar veryrapidly for two hours then crashes, but it spikes that blood sugar, whichcauses a tremendous amount of insulin secretion. Then it gets you stuck in highinsulin levels, which eventually leads to prediabetes, or insulin resistance.prediabetes and  Type II Diabetes, it's real simple. So we find that whenwe cut out our wheat products, our sugar products, as well as our cornstarch,again, I put them on an anti-inflammatory diet. The inflammatory diet is thekey, because if we can decrease inflammation, we can generally keep the bloodsugars controlled. 

Then also what we do is, we put them on a goodexercise program. Exercise is very important, but the key. We want to build upthe large muscle groups, the thighs, the buttocks, the back. We find byincreasing the large muscle groups, it literally sucks sugar out of the bloodsugar, lowers the blood sugar beautifully and we combine them with aeorbicexercises or point it to both, the aerobic and the anaerobic weight-liftingexercises to built the muscle up. 

The other thing we do is we balance thehormones. We find most pre-diabetics and diabetics have low hormones. In men,low testosterone we check a total and free testosterone. We simply bring it upto normal using transdermal creams. We rarely use injections, but we can usepellet therapy, testosterone pellets. We also balance the other hormones, theDHEA, pregnenolone and because those are generally low, too. 

Then in women, the one that really effects themis, the estrogen. We find their estradilol levels are low. We simply balancetheir estradilol, and we also balance their progesterone with it. We find manyof these women, pre-diabetic, actually have too much testosterone so we don'twant to give them that. What's interesting, high testosterone in women causes,we see more belly fat. The more belly fat they have, the more testosteronewomen make. The more belly fat a man has, the more estradilol he makes, which isreally unusual. The more c-reactive protein, that both of them make, which ishighly inflammatory, associated with heart disease and strokes and cancer, andall these other diseases. So that's simply what we do. 

And then we put them on a few key supplementsthat are very simple, that really lower that blood sugar after they eat. It'sthe sugar spikes after people eat that really does the damage, and what happenswhen that sugar spikes up to 200 or 300, we get what is called glucotoxicity,where the high sugar actually damages the beta cells of the pancreas, whichsecrete insulin. Once those beta cells diminish and die, and there's less than50% of those beta cells available, the body can not simply produce enoughinsulin. They're stuck in Type II Diabetes for the rest of their life. Itusually takes about 10 years or longer for that to form. 

We've reversed so many Type II diabetics, simplywith a simple program. It works. It works amazing. Again, the few keysupplements, we'll use some green coffee bean extract, and we'll use somecinnamon extract, as well as some soluble fiber. Wow, that like . . . forexample, let's say a diabetic eats a piece of bread. That sugar will spike,usually, 70 to 120 points higher. So, in other words, if their blood sugar isaround 120, it'll go up to 190 to 240, after eating one to two slices of bread.Non-diabetic, it'll spike 40 to 80 points, see. 

So what we've found is, we have to control thatspike, and the way to control that spike is eliminate the foods that triggerthe spike. That's why I go through the book, What Foods Trigger? White rice,instant potatoes, but especially the wheat, even whole wheat. This is the thingmost people don't understand. Whole wheat still has the Amlopectin A. Evensprouted breads will do it, like Ezekiel bread, sprouted breads, which a lot ofpeople don't understand. But it's because of that starch that's in the wheat,the Amlopectin A, spikes the sugar, which spike the insulin, which gets themstuck in insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes. 

So again, we work on the waistline, we get thewaist down, we get the weight off of them, we put them on the anti-inflammatorydiet, we exercise them, both aerobic as well as building the muscles withanaerobic exercise, and once we get them really in shape, I switch them over toa high-intensity interval training. What that does is, it really expands themuscles, hypertrophies the muscles, and shrinks the waist. It's amazing howthat shrinks the waist better than most anything else. And then just a few keysupplements. We balance the hormones and boom, reverse the Type II Diabetes.Real simple.

Interviewer: And if somebody has Type IIDiabetes, or is close to getting there, the long term affects of that, I mean,why should somebody want to reverse that? What's down the road for them if theydon't turn around?

Dr. Don Colbert: Well, first of all, four tofive times higher risk of hear attack and stroke. Also, a much higher risk ofcancer. Much higher risk of dying earlier. Much higher risk of developingkidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic retinopathy, diabeticneuropathy, Alzheimer's disease. It's just like they've signed up for everymajor disease and it's coming at them at warp speed. 

The other thing I tell women, women with diabetes,hey, it makes you age faster. When a person has diabetes, what happens is, thesugar combines with the protein and creates an advanced glycation end-product.These products cause 50 times more free radical formation. What happens is,they literally affect every organ in the body, every tissue, and they'reirreversible once they form. They age the body very rapidly. They can't bebroken down, and so these organs get inundated with these toxic chemicals, thatare formed from the sugar, and it starts to slowly damage and degenerateorgans. The skin starts to wrinkle and age and sag, at warp speed. That's why Itell my women. It wakes them up. You mean I'm aging fast with this? I've got toreverse this now. And the men I say, hey, you're going towards erectiledysfunction. It's just a matter of time. In a few years, you'll have it. You'llbe here but you will not be able to resurrect it. It'll be gone. That's it. SoI get their attention. So I've found the hot buttons for men, we talked abouterectile dysfunction, and we also talked about the disease in women. We tellthem they're aging at warp speed and we get their attention.



Dr. Don Colbert is the author of a book that guides you through reversing type 2 diabetes. Here he talks about the steps that can help accomplish this and avoid more serious health concerns down the road.

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