8 Tips To Naturally Detox Your Body

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Scott: Doctor, with so many chemicals out there, it's virtually impossible to not ingest them.  So what do we do, knowing that we probably have some level of toxicity, what do we do to try and ease the burden on our body?

Dr. Don Colbert: Well, good question.  That's why I talk about the anti-inflammatory, diet.  I go into 'let's at least get on an anti-inflammatory diet.'  Which includes a lot of good, low glycemic fruits and vegetables, you know, especially, I love the organic berries.  You know as well as apples, I just read a study about... it's interesting, apples and berries and citrus and onions all have a phytonutrient in them that's the most powerful blood clot... it literally prevents blood clots... of anything else, of 5 thousand chemicals they've tested.  And it's rutin.  It's a bioflavonoid, rutin, and it's the most powerful phytonutrient that prevents blood clots, the number one cause of death in this country.  So that's pretty exciting, that here's just one little phytonutrient that has so much power in preventing blood clots, ok?

So again, what I do is just mainly anti-inflammatory diet, and the of course, a glutathione boosting supplement.  Everyone I put on a glutathione boosting supplement.  I put them on fish oils.  Not, but it's gotta be pharmaceutical grade fish oils, not one that introduces mercury, and PCPs and rancid oils.  We have pharmaceutical grade fish oils too.  As well as, I use green super foods.  A lot of people don't have time to juice.  Now I try and juice every morning.  I use organic vegetables and fruits, as well as a little pomegranate juice as well as a little cilantro which binds metals.  And then, when I don't have time to juice, I'll take like some super food, like our green super food or something like that.  As well as take a good multivitamin.  Real important for detoxification is phase one, which is dependent on the B vitamin.  So you need to have those, the full compliment of B vitamins in order to ensure your phase one detox capabilities are functioning optimally.  

And then I tell people one of the best ways to detox is to alkalinize, when you alkalinize the urine, not the blood, the blood always stays constant at 7 point 4.  But our tissues can get very acidic.  When we get acidic, it's tougher to detox.  So we try and create an alkaline environment for the tissues, which is indicative of your urine, your urine pH.  And so by simply taking in adequate amounts of alkaline foods, like our green super foods or a lot of vegetables with chlorophyll, or drinking alkaline water.  Like I noticed the water you're drinking, that's not an alkaline water, ok.  But that's why I'm drinking an alkaline water here.   And I have an alkaline machine that actually makes ionic water that's alkaline so it enables my body to detox.  So, an anti-inflammatory diet, arlkalinization, you know taking fish oils, taking antioxidants, is also very important, especially the glutathione, as well as the B vitamins and the super foods.  And juicing, juicing is very important and also fasting on occasion.  And I tell people, 'lets get you off food for a while'.  You know, every change of seasons I tell people to go on a 7 day fast.  Using special fruits and vegetables that are juiced and a vitamix or a blendtec blender.  Because we want all the fiber, it aides in detoxification.  We're used to people talking about water fasting or just juice fasting with these other machines without the pulp.  We now realize we have to have the pulp.  It aides detoxification much greater because its able to keep the colon in the game.  And the colon is so important because if we don't have the colon in the game, these toxins that are released by the liver and the bile duct are reabsorbed in the colon and go right back into the blood stream.  So the fiber in these powerful fruits and vegetables are able to bind the toxins and they go right out of the body.  And also, they create an alkaline environment where the body is able to detox.  So it's very simple we do the fasting program with the glutathione booster, see?




No matter how hard we try to avoid them, we are always exposed to toxins. Dr. Don Colbert discusses a number of things you can do to continually and periodically help your body detox from the constant barrage.

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