99 Percent of Oncologists Still Don't Understand this Part of Treatment!

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Scott: Doctor, the war on cancer.  We heard about that I think back in the early 70's with President Nixon.  Is there such a thing?

Dr. Patrick Quillin:  Well, there's a war in the sense of trying to battle a disease that's growing in incidents and is far more treacherous.  It used to be the number three cause of death, when the war on cancer was started in 1972.  It is now the number one cause of death, or number two, depending on which age group you look at.  Nevertheless, it's climbed in the ranks.  It's more prevalent and treacherous than ever before.  

The number of cancer... 1 point 4 million Americans will be newly diagnosed with cancer each year.  There's 8 million Americans who are in cancer treatment right now.  So it is a huge and growing problem that is not going to go away quickly.  And I think the war needs to change its strategy.  What we're doing is ineffective technology.  If you think about it, for decades, people tried to make a better, more accurate watch by putting in more gears and more jewels.  And finally somebody said, no.  A grain of sand.  Silicon.  Basics of transistors and integrated circuits.  And so the chip watches that we use now, have no moving parts, and are far more accurate because we threw away the old technology of moving gears and jewels and said lets try something completely different.  Same thing with cancer treatment.  We thought we could cut, burn and poison the cancer out of the body.  No.  It doesn't work.  What we need to do is to change the milieu, the terrain, the soil of the body, and then use selective therapies that do not destroy the patient but can get rid of the cancer.  

Scott:  Is that change happening?  That change in thinking.  You mention how bad the cancer rates are getting.  

Quillin:  Very, very slowly.  I'm afraid things might get worse before they get better.  I mean eventually we're going to move in the right direction... But of the 10 thousand board certified oncologists in America, at least 99 percent of them still have the misunderstanding the nutrition is counter productive or useless as part of cancer treatment.  So my field is clinical nutrition.  I've worked for ten years as VP of nutrition for a large cancer hospital.  And what's been shown, beyond argument, in numerous scientific studies, is that a well nourished cancer patient can better manage and beat the disease.  This has been clearly shown.  Unfortunately 99 percent of oncologists in this country have not embraced that very simple fact. 


There has been a war on cancer for better than four decades, but are we any closer to winning that war, or even gaining any ground? Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses some parts of that battle that so many still just don't understand. Dr. Quillin says that in his experience, at least 99 percent of oncologists don't understand the role nutrition plays in treating or dealing with cancer treatment.

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