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Scott:  At your company, you have an adrenal product that's unique. Can you talk a little about Calm-CP a little bit, and what that does?

Bradley Bush: Calm-CP is a new product from NeuroScience, and Calm-CP was created as a tool to help lower cortisol levels. And there's a number of different products on the market that have the ability to lower cortisol, and what NeuroScience did was create a nice formulation that uses two well-researched ingredients together to have two different, completely different mechanisms that can be used together to quickly and effectively lower cortisol levels. Phosphatidylserine, which has been used in the industry for a long period of time.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Bradley Bush: We use a special blend, a pure blend of phosphatidylserine  that has been used in most of the major studies. 

And it's very important to use clean, high quality ingredients, and at doses properly needed for your desired effect. And this is one of those knocks against a lot of the supplement industry. In the supplement industry, you get a positive news report on phosphatidylserine, so everyone starts putting in this slightest little bit of phosphatidylserine in all their products, promoting it as a general grade adrenal support. Well, that doesn't work that way, because phosphatidylserine in the literature needs to be used at a high dose if you want to bring down cortisol level, and that's expensive. 

But in the industry, a lot of people like to make money. And for a company like NeuroScience, we're a testing company first and foremost, and we have a product line that adjusts these biomarkers. And let me tell you, we're under our own gun, because we're measuring, and then when we treat, we tell people to reassess to see how they work. And guess, what, the business  model doesn't work if you can't properly address those markers. 

Scott: Sure.

Bradley Bush: The Calm-CP, in addition to phosphatidylserine, has banaba leaf. Banaba leaf is a interesting leaf from a tree from the Philippines. And this particular plant also has naturally found in it about 1 to 2% corosolic acid, and corosolic acid is a compound that actually inhibits an enzyme that creates the conversion of precursive of cortisol into cortisol. So not only can we lower cortisol levels with phosphatidylserine , but then we can actually inhibit further manufacturing and synthesis of cortisol. Two ways actually address high level cortisol levels. And it's fantastic because, of course, like, just like with any other herb, yes, banaba leaf has the corosolic acid, it also has other wonderful properties; helps in re-sensitizing insulin receptors, it has been used in studies for metabolic syndromes, and for diabetes. And so it's nice to actually see a product that actually can help many people, on many different levels, that help lower the cortisol, but also address a lot of the other symptoms associated with high cortisol.
Dr. Bradley Bush discusses a natural product that may help lower cortisol levels. He discusses what the product is made from and why that's so important.

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