Animal and Human DNA in Your Vaccine?!

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Male:        You mentioned that your book covers a number of different topics, and certainly many are health-related. One is vaccines, and the first thing you touch on is that these instruments of health are very toxic. Can you explain that, and your conclusion into that whole system?

- Liam: The family legend, which I have no reason to disbelieve, this is what he did for a career, was that some part of his PhD, or some advanced degree, he accomplished or completed by setting up the Sabin Lab, and Albert Sabin did the live polio vaccine. So, my grandfather was in early on that. He didn't build it. I mean, he wasn't Sabin, but he later was into something called "cancer retro-virology". 

And he's published a lot of stuff, I believe back in the 50s there's some polio stuff with him, Robert C. Millers, and the field of cancer retro-virology was metamorphosed into the field of HIV-ology, as I call it. Because it's not a science, it's a religion. And that's the family business. So, the idea of vaccines was not controversial in my family. 

But the irony is, even though my grandfather worked on it, when my mother and her brothers were in school in the 50s and they were rolling out the vaccine, they enlisted a lot of the young people to be what they called "polio pioneers"... to be injected with an experimental- "Ha ha ha! Be a pioneer, see what happens!" 

Well, a lot of people became paralyzed. There were more instances of polio. They called it the Cutter incident. But my grandfather said to my mother, this was according to my mother, "You're not getting that. You're not going to be a polio pioneer. We don't know what that's going to do." 

So, the inside, sometimes has a better idea. It's funny, a lot of the time the inside, in its conservative estimations of its own merit, its own science, the inside of the ivory tower, or the priesthood, or the priest craft, agrees with the critics. But in between, is the interference. The propagandists, the media. Handmaidens, you know? 

Servants to the Anthony Faucis, Director of the NIH, of the world who make the public pronouncements about how you're all supposed to be terrorized because a seagull sneezed in Sri Lanka so we're all going to die tomorrow. "Uh-oh, a seagull has a cold. We're all gonna go." 

Well, it's propaganda, and they get us moving. Vaccination is an interesting topic. It's chapter five of the book, and I hope you'll look it up. It's now available on Kindle. I was agnostic, really, to it, to some degree. I thought perhaps it had gotten rid of polio. I did the deep research, and found that the history, the recorded history, the public history of vaccination, is riddled with argument. 

Every step of the way there were groups saying, "You're killing more people than you're helping, you're killing more animal flocks than you're helping," You're taking pus from animals. Why is it called vaccination? Spanish or French-speaking people know 'vac' or 'vaca' means 'cow'. They used to scrape pus and blood from the bottom of cows who had cowpox and jam it into peoples' arms. 

They found an increase in disease from doing this sanitary practice, big surprise. We're not very far away from that. We now take monkey kidneys and guinea pig and hamster kidneys, testicles, ovaries, certain kinds of cellular material that they can use as a substrate, and we stimulate these with chemicals to keep them growing, and then they put some metals in them. 

And then they put polysorbate in there and a little bit of mercury. No, they haven't taken it out. Don't let them lie to you. But that wouldn't be the problem. They take the stuff with animal and human genetic material, proteins. And they inject it into your bloodstream and musculature. Now, I can breathe with my lungs, and if I breathe in poison I can breathe some out, but it's bad, but I can breathe some of it out.

And if I eat poison, some of will get through the intestinal lining and be absorbed, some of it will pass through the bowel, and I will vomit some of it. There is no vomiting system in my blood. It's a trap. To quote Admiral Ackbar, "It's a trap." Sorry, Star Wars reference. So, you inject it into the blood and you have a massive inflammatory response. Every nerd who watches this just went "Ah!".

Yeah that's right, I know my Star Wars. But the blood is a closed circuit. Okay. You run it through the liver. Well, listen, you can't breathe it out. So, you put foreign proteins, metals, animal and human DNA; this sounds like The Island of Doctor Moreau, a little bit. This is why, in the movies, when the good guy is being held hostage by the bad guy who's gone crazy, he holds a syringe to his neck. Because we know, somehow innately, that injecting somebody into their bloodstream is bad. This is bad; don't do that. 

But we do it to small children. And I'm talking to a friend of mine today, an hour and a half ago, and she said "Oh, a nine year old girl who had had allergies and was not vaccinated until she was nine was 'caught up' by being given a dozen injections in a day." 

She became autistic at the level that she lost the power of speech. She was a fully functional nin- year-old. The parents now have to live with the fact that by trusting their doctor they essentially killed the daughter that they knew. There's no fun in there. There's no joy in that. That's what these moms deal with. 

I don't know how they do it and they don't go crazy and they don't just start shooting, but they don't. I pity the doctors' souls that they don't pay attention and they don't just listen. These mothers aren't lying and they have no reason to lie. When you see it happen that quickly. That quickly. In a moment. From moment to moment. You have to ask yourself "Is this really a science or have we replaced some, frankly, old ritual?" 

Like we used to have baptism. Whatever your religion is, I lean east, so don't hang me up on any particular thread. But we used to welcome children into the world through a certain ritual. And we sort of got rid of that. We're secular; all that's voodoo now, we don't believe in it. So, now we inject them, and that's ritualistic too. I think that's cause for consideration, and I think we should probably really listen to the mothers who are saying, you know, "You're killing children. You're destroying so much." 

Doctors can't just do that, can't just stop and say "Actually, you're right. I'm going to listen to the patient." You know what's funny? My uncle, John Millers, is a so-called AIDS physician, and he's actually published in a popular journal criticizing patients who are complaining that the AIDS drugs are too toxic. And he shrugs his shoulders, as he might. I don't know; we're not friends. I've never had bad words with him, but this is a published article. And he says "Oh, well, it's better than whatever. Oh well, what are we supposed to do?" 

So the drugs, the AIDS drugs deform the body. They absolutely deform the body, and it's hideous and grotesque and brutalizing and it kills people. And his response was [shrugs]. And that's doctors. They're that insulated. They're looking at this tiny piece, the whole patient is here, the whole person is here, the whole world is here, they see this. I have an opinion about it, I guess.
Journalist Liam Scheff has done research into the vaccine system in the United States. He also has an interesting family history in the practice. He discusses some of the things vaccines still contain and how the premise behind vaccines is flawed.

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