Animal Protein as a Healthy Food

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Interviewer: We touched on animal protein a little bit but is some better than other and can you talk about organ meat a little bit as well?

Sally Fallon Morell: Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: I think that's something that most people probably don't eat.

Sally Fallon Morell: Today most people don't eat it. 50 years ago people ate liver once a week. Their doctors told them to. 

Interviewer: Mm.

Sally Fallon Morell: Especially pregnant women ate liver once a week. I think it's a good idea to eat liver once a week. It could be liver and onions. It could be pate, chicken liver pate. It could be liverwurst. And once again, our shopping guide provides examples of wonderful, for example liverwurst from grass fed cows.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Sally Fallon Morell: If you can get it. So I think it's  a very good idea to eat liver once a week.

Interviewer: What about the muscle from any of them? 
Sally Fallon Morell: Muscle meats are fine but, once again, you need to eat them with the fat. And they are going to be much more digestible and much better for you if you make a sauce or a gravy with bone broth.

Interviewer: Hm.

Sally Fallon Morell: Or you cook them in a stew with the bones, so you get the glycine and the gelatin from the bones and that's a very synergistic with the methionine and the other amino acids in the meat and it helps you digest everything better. 

Interviewer: So what about processed meats? You talked about bacon fat a little bit, the bacons, the sausages, things like that?

Sally Fallon Morell: Well, you know, these traditional  artisan salamis, cured meats, bacon, ham, they're fine. They've been consumed for eons.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Sally Fallon Morell: And people like them. They're a great convenience food. But the more highly processed ones are full of additives and preservatives. And what I would really recommend against is pre-sliced and already packaged.   

Interviewer: Sure.

Sally Fallon Morell: Yeah. So get it freshly sliced and a lot of gals I know actually buy slicers and slice them at homes. 

Interviewer: Okay.

President of the foundation, Sally Fallon Morell, discusses the consumption of animal protein. She talks about the health of eating organ meats as well as muscle and fat from animals.

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