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Interviewer: That product that you helped develop, it's called TA-65.

Ed Park, MD, MPH: Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: Explain what that is and what it does.

Ed Park, MD, MPH: TA-65 is a single molecule. So it's not like a whole ground up herb. It's just one molecule, kind of [tax all] as a cancer drug that comes from a plant, but you don't get the whole bark. You just take the one thing you injected for cancer. So it's a single molecule in the pure form, and it's derived from an herb that's been known to help immunity and longevity for thousands of years. It's the astragalus plant. It was discovered by a biotech company in Menlo Park called Geron and they licensed it to TA Sciences, who undertook the human trials and proved its safety. And then over the last five years, we've been proving its efficacy in less controlled ways but in personal, anecdotal ways. I have a lot of patients, and there's been tens of thousands of patients around the world, so it appears to be very safe. My mission is to get the message out: these are some of the effects, this is how we safely manage it. And I really think it's the future. It's going to be a game changer for the way we think about life.

Interviewer: So what does it do, exactly? Can you explain that?

Ed Park, MD, MPH: Yeah. It seems to turn up the transcription of the telomeres engine. Telomeres, as you remember, is the enzyme that will allow you to lengthen the wicks or the fuses. Again, like in stem cells, you have a key that will run that engine. If you have more engine for fourteen hours, then the stem cell copying is more efficient. It's more pure. And some of the ones that were trying to die are able to die.

Interviewer: Okay.

Ed Park, MD, MPH: So there's different kinds of effects. Some cells get a competitive advance for a short time.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Ed park, MD, MPH: So that's why we see people with better digestion, better mood, better skin for an inducible time. And when they stop taking it, it sort of fades away. So there's three kinds of changes: prevention, which is always good; competitive advantage for a short time, days to weeks; then there's the third kind where you annihilate bad queen cells, and they come back with fresher versions.
Dr. Ed Park discusses the supplement TA-65 and exactly what is is and where it comes from. He discusses some of the potential benefits from taking the supplement.

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