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Scott:  Doctor, can you just talk about the antibacterial potential of

Dr. Langer:  Well, I mention when I discuss Xanthohumol and its potential
for acne that it inactivates the bacteria in acne, it does have profound
experimental benefits of inhibiting bacteria, virus, fungi and even
parasites. I'll go through them one at a time. It has very profound anti-
staph properties. It also has antibacterial properties against other forms
of bacteria, which are too numerous to mention. Antivirally, it seems to
affect the rhinovirus which is a cause of the factor of upper-respiratory

It affects, as I said, the skin bacteria, which cause acne or which are a
known cause of the factors of acne. It seems to inhibit the viral activity
of one of the major viruses that cause diarrhea. It seems to inactivate
herpes simplex 1, herpes simplex 2 viruses and HIV 1. So it's active across
the viral spectrum. It also inhibits fungi, yeast infections of all kinds
and very startling to me is that they actually found that Xanthohumol
inactivates plasmodium, which is the cause of the factor of malaria. So it
has antimalarial benefits.

What happens when a person develops malaria, among other things, is that
the malaria interferes with a lot of the antioxidant physiologic properties
of the body. So the Xanthohumol helps boost the antioxidant benefit of all
the antioxidants in the body. The malaria parasite works primarily by
destroying red blood cells, leaving a sediment called hemin, H-E-M-I-N,
which is derived from the red blood cells and can cause inflammation all
over the body. It tends to inactivate, detoxify and eliminate this from the

So the Xanthohumol is active on many different levels with the malaria, and
it's quite important in all of these activities.
Dr. Stephen Langer discusses the benefits xanthohumol might have when it comes to bacteria, viruses, fungus and even parasites. Dr. Langer describes how xanthohumol has done this in lab experiments.

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