Are Mammograms Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Breast cancer continues to be a major concern… but are current screening recommendations doing more harm than good?  That’s what at least one doctor is saying after results of a recent study.

The 17 year study that just concluded in Denmark, showed that screening mammography does not reduce the incidence of advanced tumors… and it also increases the diagnosis of lesions that would never have led to health issues.  Researchers expected to see a reduction in advanced tumors because they would.. in theory… be caught and treated when they were small.  That wasn’t the case… instead they found substantial over diagnosis… and detection and treatment of tumors that would not become cancers in the first place.

New research is showing a connection between taking heartburn medicine during pregnancy… and an increase in the risk of asthma in the baby.

The study combined data from 8 studies and more than 1 point 6 million patients… The data showed that H2 blockers like Pepcid or Tagamet were linked to a 46 percent increased risk for childhood asthma… and proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec or Nexium showed a 30 percent increase in risk.

The reason for the connection is not known… but animal studies indicate the drugs may interfere with digestion… leaving undigested food allergens to be passed on to the fetus.

Finally… some good news for those of us who like spicy food!  New research is showing that spicing up your food may also help you live longer!

Researchers from the University of Vermont looked at over 16 thousand participants over a 23 year period.  The research found that those who ate hot red chili peppers saw a 13 percent reduction in the risk of death… mostly related to heart disease or stroke.

The connection between peppers and life expectancy is still unclear… but researchers suggest capsicum… the main component in chili peppers… could be a key.

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Are mammograms really helping? Find out why a recent study is making one doctor say 'no'. Also is there a risk in taking acid reflux medicine while pregnant? You might be surprised. And if you want to live longer, you might want to eat more of these! Research is showing it can may you with certain conditions! It's all part of what's making headlines this week in natural health!

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