Are New Cancer Drugs Working? This Will Surprise You!

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Are some of the newest drug therapies making progress in the fight against cancer?  Maybe not… according to a recent study out of London.

Of 68 cancer drugs approved in Europe between 2009 and 2013… more than half failed to show evidence that they extended survival or improved quality of life.  And after a median of 5 years on the market… only 8 drugs had shown gains in either category.

The results led the lead author to suggest we are falling short in the development of new therapies, considering the expense and toxicity of the drugs and the expectation of improved  results.

When most of us hear the word potassium… we think bananas… now we’re learning more about the benefits of those for our heart.

A study from Alabama found that bananas… avocados and other potassium rich foods can help protect against pathogenic vascular calcification… commonly known as hardening of the arteries.  The mouse study showed that reduced dietary potassium led to elevated aortic stiffness… but when researchers increased potassium… those levels of calcification and aortic stiffness decreased.  More importantly… researchers the mechanism the link to high or low potassium.

The study illustrates the importance of dietary potassium for the prevention of issues that could lead to heart disease.

Finally… with incidents of autism increasing… researchers continue to try and get a handle on the condition… now a new study out of England is showing a possible connection to the use of multivitamins during pregnancy.

The study sampled more than a quarter of a million mother-child pairs in Sweden, with the children being morn between 1996 and 2007.  After adjusting for potentially influencing factors… the results showed that multivitamin use was linked to a lower likelihood of a child with autism spectrum disorder compared to mothers who did not use multivitamins.  There was no consistent evidence that either folic acid or iron use were linked with a recused risk of ASD.

The authors said the results shouldn’t change current practice during pregnancy… but more study was needed before recommending any changes.

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Are new cancer drugs having any success? Find out what a recent study is showing. Also learn about a possible new autism connection as well as what nutrient in foods can help support your heart health.

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