Banned for More Than a Decade, This Chemical is Still Present!

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For many people… prescription drugs are normal and increase in quantity as they age.  But is there a downside to that?  The truth is we don’t know but the picture is getting clearer…

In a study published int the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society… researchers collected data from 482 participants age 65 or older.  more than a third used five or more medications during the nearly 5 year study period.  People in that polypharmacy group… defined as using five or more medications… were more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes and congestive heart failure.  They were also more likely to have had a fall within the last year and were more overweight.

After accounting for other health issues… researchers also found the polypharmacy group had a slower walking speed than those not in that group.

Researchers said more studies were needed to learn the effect specific medications might have on overall well-being.

Just because a chemical has been banned… doesn’t mean it’s still not present in the environment and in our bodies.  

A new study out of the University of Indiana revealed the shocking findings recently… that chemicals used in common flame retardants… poly-brominated siphonal ethers… that were used in building materials, electronics and textiles were found in newborn infants, their mothers and cord blood… and the chemical has been banned since 2004!  The findings suggest the babies have a higher circulating concentration of the chemicals, compared to their mother.

Now researchers want to follow up with longer-term studies to find any differences in health based on these chemical levels.

Finally a bit of good news… especially for you chocolate lovers

A study out of Italy looked at consuming different levels of cocoa flavanols and their effect over a  prolonged period of time… most of the trials that were studied found beneficial effects on cognitive performance.  For those who ingested the cocoa flavanols over the long term… which was anywhere from 5 days to 3 months… found improvement in cognitive performance and factors such as attention, processing speed and working memory.

Researchers of course… warn agains too much of a good thing… such as additional calories and some chemicals and additives found in a lot of chocolate products.

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Learn about a chemical that's been banned for more than a decade, but is still showing up in high concentrations in certain people. Also learn of more benefits for those who love chocolate and a warning for those who are on multiple prescription medications!

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