The Biggest Mistake in Starting A Weight Loss Plan

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Interviewer: When people get into their mind that they want to lose some weight, they've got some extra weight to lose, what's the biggest mistake you think people make when starting down that road?

Angela Bruer Balouch: I think the biggest mistake people do when they want to start an exercise or a weight loss regimen is exercising. They need to get their nutrition in check. When they have their nutrition in check, when they start that exercise program, and maybe a week later, two weeks later after they're good with the nutritional regimen, then they can properly fuel their bodies when they go to the gym. They're going to have results. They're going to see results and they're going to have the energy to be able to do whatever exercise activity it is that they're doing.

Interviewer: You mentioned that in your family, you've seen yo-yo diets. Why do diets, and I know you don't like that word, but why do they fail so often for people?

Angela Bruer Balouch: Diets fail because it's calorie restriction. It's restriction. Anytime you restrict anyone of anything, they're going to go back to their routine. They have to learn fundamentally why and the how's. Diets, again, if you're restricting someone, I'm telling you, you can never have a piece of chocolate cake ever ever again, you might one day just crash and eat your chocolate cake, right? You might do that again and again or maybe it's something else, but if you can shift the mind to take your body to the next level . . . What you're doing is not working. The diets do not work. They fail over and over and over again. That's why I'm saying at a fundamental level, in your mind. There's so many different aspects of why we eat whether it's psychological, whether it's a physical need or emotional. There's so many different types of eating, but when you can look at it a little differently and educate yourself on not depriving yourself of those things that you enjoy, and it's not even moderation, it's just really more about education.
Nutritionist Angela Bruer-Balouch discusses some of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a weight loss plan. She also discusses why diets fail so often and what you can do to turn that trend around.

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