The Biggest Problem With Health Care? He Nails It At The End!

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Scott: You talk about finding the cause of cancer, and I think that's one thing that a lot of doctors don't do.  They treat the actual tumor and try to bombard that.  How important is it to try and find the cause and let that lead to a treatment.

Dr. Charles Majors: Well it's everything because think about it... You don't get cancer, so you're not walking down the street one day and get cancer, then get sick.  Right?  You've been sick for years.  Then you get cancer.  So by just getting rid of your cancer, what are you still?  You're still sick.  And then what comes back in almost every case?  Cancer comes back.  Now there's some rare exceptions, you know people just did chemo therapy or radiation, or just went home and it went away.  But those are so rare.  You know?  

So what I had to figure out was what caused this, what created this?  It's not genetics.  You know Bruce Lipton, you know, studies epigenetics, which is, we're above the genes.  Time magazine did a whole article on epigenetics, that this whole thing on genes causing problems.... it's, it's, we're all full of bad genes.  It's whether or not we pull that trigger.  It's whether or not we turn that gene on.  Our environment determines whether or not we turn the genes on or off.  Our environment triggers the cells.  The environment, you know the cells respond to the environment.  You know, I always explain, if I lock us into this room right now, and I came at you with a knife, would your blood pressure go up or down?  Your blood pressure would go up.  And so, now I bring you out of the room and I have a medical doctor check you and he's going to say what?  You have high blood pressure, we need to give you a drug.  Right?  As you get older, your testosterone is getting lower, for most men.  So, what's testosterone made out of?  In order to make testosterone you need cholesterol, so what's probably going to go higher in your body as you get older, what's your body going to make more of?  Your liver's what makes cholesterol.  So your body starts making more cholesterol to make more testosterone.  Yet we knock our cholesterol down, we knock our blood pressures down, we knock all of these symptoms down, that are there as warning signs to tell us that something's going on.  A prescription is nothing more than a permission slip to keep living the same life.  And I know that's going to be hard for some people.


The conversation starts about the importance of trying to find the root cause of cancer and other diseases. Dr. Charles Majors discusses this topic, and then goes into an area that affects all of us. Find out why some common medical practices have it wrong and what prescription drugs really are when it's all said and done. This will make you think differently next time you get one. Is this the biggest problem with health care? He nails it at the end!

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