Boosting Testosterone Levels Through Supplementation

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Using Supplements to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Interviewer: You touched on supplements a little bit. How important are they? Is it to the point where almost everybody needs some sort of supplement regime?

Nick Delgado, PhD, CHT: In 35 years of working with people, I think that if we're going to optimize the adrenals, and optimize hormone function, we're going to give people the fiber and nutrients. I think the supplements play a big role in optim health and nutrition.

I could take two people and put one on a super foods diet and exercise program and a good power of the mind program, eyes open hypnosis scripts. I take the other person with the same protocol but then add certain supplements specific to their potential deficiencies that we've identified based on questionairres, lab tests, and so forth. I can tell you without a doubt, the individual taking the supplements with the rest of the regime is going to notice considerably better results and performance. 

You can't deny bio-chemistry, sell your health, nutrition. We see it under the microscope. We see it in the laboratories. We see it in the hormone levels. I'll give you a good example, I remember the first time I had my hormones for testosterone checked. I had a high level of what's called sex hormone binding globulin. That's the transport of the hormones, but it binds the testosterone. It doesn't release it into the system where it needs to go. 

I noticed that my testosterone level came back as that of a 70-year-old and I was only 38. I couldn't believe it. I said, "I work out. I eat good. I'm in a good mind set. Why is there a decline interest in sex? Why is my libido dropping? My erectile function declining?" 

I went about designing a study with a group that had a group of herbs. They professed that Aveenis Sativa, milky green oats, Epimedium sagittatum which is horny goat weed, and Nettles. There was about five other herbs, and we put them together in some capsules. We gave a group of men and women these capsules. I was one of the persons of study. I designed it, but I wanted to be part of the study too because I was deficient in my hormones levels measured I was deficient. 

Within two weeks, it was 14 days, we rechecked everyone's levels. The testosterone level had optimized improved dramatically. My level went from that of a 70 year old to that of a 20 year old. I was 38. I was encouraged. I noticed libido came back, sexual interest improved. The women said the same thing. They noticed better libido, better orgasmic intensity. The men noticed better erectile function. 

I said, "Wow! All of that in just two weeks?" Sure enough. We were able to document it before and after with hormone levels tested before and after. The only difference was we changed their supplementation. We didn't change their diet. We didn't change their exercise program. We didn't ask them to do any power of the mind, anything. It was just supplements.

I see this time and again. New red blood cells formed every 120 days. When we supplement we see oval shaped cells, or microcytic cells, which are signs of anemia. When we give them B12 folic acid, Methylcobalamin, Cyanocobalamin, different forms of highly absorbable B12. We give them folic acid. We give them iron. We give them the building blocks that allows the cellular wall to form perfectly.

The cellular walls are like the brain of the body. We know this because when they take the chromosome, the nucleus out of the center of the cells, that's what we used to think was the genetic brain of the cell. Shockingly, these cells survived after we removed the nucleus. 

They were given nutrients. The nutrients, as long as they could get through the phospholipid membrane, the fatty membrane, it would determine what nutrients got inside the cell. These cells would live for three more months or so as long as they were surrounded by the right environment with the right fatty acids, the right amino acids, the right complex carbohydrate sugars, the right vitamins and minerals. These cells survived and functioned. The cells adapted. They continued to function as muscle cells. They continued to function as neurological cells. They functioned without the nucleus, without the chromosome genetic information.

The brain is not the genetics. It's not predetermined by our genetics. The health of your cells is determined by the environment that you put yourselves in. The good thing is that even if you've been dealt a deck of poor genetics and you have these genetic tendencies to manifest eventually baldness or obesity or diabetes or cancer. 

The reality is if you surround your cells and bathe them with whole super nutrients and you give them the right vitamins and minerals and nutrients, and you give them love in the body, and you give them everything exercise and whole body vibration and everything that stimulates the lymphatics. That I haven't even talked about. The lymphatics are more extensive than the red blood cell system. It removes toxins and brings nutrients. It's just so important to detoxify with the lymphatics. That's why I do a lot of trampling work and a lot of bouncing. All that together, you put that cell in the right environment and it's healthy and it's going to live forever.

I don't believe yet that we can stimulate the body's stem cells to go to all the places of damage to live forever. If we could just hang on another 50-60 years nanotechnology. You ask me that question about the future, I think there are ways that we're going to be able to figure out how to create that super environment for our cells. It's really going to become very basic. It's going to be easier than anyone ever expected. 

It's not going to some sort of super computer thing. It's going to be something very simple, very close to what I'm talking about. I think we'll look back on a lot of what I'm saying through my 35 years experience and go, "Yep. He had that pretty well put together. There's just those few little things left over." 

That's where I'm working on that love component because I know that's a huge component. Not an easy thing to solve, because we know what we feel love--unconditional love when we're with a child, our baby and they're looking into our eyes. They're just sweet and lovey. Next thing you know, they're pulling your ear and punching you and stuff and you're like, "What's that about? Woah," "You didn't give me that toy," or, "Woah. I didn't give you a toy." You deal with that, right? 

Love, hate it goes around. You've got to let go of that hate and anger and hurt and just let that love come through. Somewhere bathing those cells is going to produce the healthiest individuals in the history of mankind.

Dr. Nick Delgado discusses the need to supplement to keep testosterone levels high. He illustrates this through a sexual health study he performed and took part in. Find out why Dr. Delgado thinks supplementation is required, even if you eat and exercise well.

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