Can This Help With Toxins In Your Shower?

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Scott: Interesting you mention water on your body.  A lot of people don't think of the water that they bathe in, shower in.  When it gets heated up, you get the steam.  We've heard different people talk about concerns about that.  Why is that important, to think about the water that's, that you're showering or cleaning in?

Peter Goodgold: Well, when you take a hot shower, your skin, your pores open up.  Chlorine turns to a gas.  And your body absorbs the chlorine through the biggest organ of your body, your skin.  So we make filters, shower filters and bath filters that, when you take a hot shower, it removes the chlorine before the water hits the skin.  Not only that, we spin the water in the shower head, we create a vortex which rejuvenates the water.  And then we add magnets so if you have pain, you can use the magnets for pain.  And then we took it one more level.  We said look, we've got spinning water, why don't we create hydroelectricity and put a full spectrum light in the water.  So the light takes on the frequency of the color.  They call that color therapy healing light.  So now we have shower heads, removes the chlorine, creates a vortex, magnetizes the water and gives off color therapy.  It's pretty cool!


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What chemicals are in your water and what happens when you shower or bath in them? Peter Goodgold discusses some contaminants in your water and a product that can not only help with them, but also help much more. Find out if this can help with the toxins that are in your shower!

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