Can a Raw Food Diet Contain Animal Products?

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Interviewer: This might be a dumb question, but can or do some raw food diets contain any animal protein?

Paul Nison: Yes, there are some people who eat raw animal protein. There's one fellow, his name is (inaudible [00:00:13]) or something like this, who claims he got better from cancer by eating fermented raw animal flesh. Raw milk and raw eggs are very common and very popular today. Raw meat isn't as common or popular, but there are definitely people who eat that way.

Interviewer: There's got to be some concerns, I would think, with that, or is that the way it's raised?

Paul Nison: By any means, if anyone has any animal products in their diet, it should be animals that are not factory farm-raised, and so on. Anyone who's doing it, there are no concerns with them, but people who aren't doing it have concerns; that's why they are not doing it. I know a lot of people who will have concerns with the overall vegan diet; they're not doing it and I am, so I don't have concerns about it. I would see concerns eating raw animal flesh at this point, but people who are doing it appear to be okay on it, so they don't have concerns. It depends who you ask.

Can a raw food diet contain animal flesh or other products like eggs or milk? Raw food specialist Paul Nison answers that question and details how some individuals are doing just that.

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