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Scott: In your book you mentioned 5 essentials to killing cancer.  Mindset is one.  I think a lot of people, may not make the connection of what goes on here versus a tumor in a different part of the body.  How big is that?

Dr. Charles Majors: Yeah, when I was on WGN news and I made a statement, and they didn't think they were going to air it.  I said that every cancer's curable, but not every patient with cancer is curable.  What that means is that, it doesn't matter what the cancer is.  We can go through history, there isn't a cancer of any type, I mean mine was late stage, noone's hardly ever reversed it, it's all over my body, in my brain, weeks to live and I reversed it.  Every cancer's curable, but not every patient.  So it goes back to mindset.

If you think it's possible and you go and do everything it takes, it's possible.  Wherever we put our attention to, is what we get.  Whatever we focus on is what gets expanded in our life.  So if I'm around and focus on everything that's not going to work, if I believe these doctors it's not going to work, then why would I go find the things that are going to work and I prove them right. 'Yep, you're right it didn't work.'  But when you, it doesn't matter what a doctor says, it doesn't matter what anyone says.  When they said to me it's a one in a million chance, well, ok, I'll be the one in a million.  There's still a chance, right?  So, I don't care and I also said if nobody's every reversed it, I'll be the first one.  There's always a first.  That's the mentality you have to have.  I'll do everything and anything it takes.


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Dr. Charles Majors recovered from a near fatal bout with cancer. Find out what he learned from that and what he means by the title of this video. Also learn why he thinks it was one of the biggest parts of his recovery.

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