Cancer Diagnosis! Now What? Hear What this Nurse and Cancer Survivor Says!

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Scott: Getting that diagnosis can be different for a lot of different people.  What are some things you would recommend, for people who get that diagnosis.  Again, since you even said once cure, or one treatment is not for everybody?

Jenny Hrbacek: Right, right.  I would say go onto bestanswerforcancer dot org and hook up with an integrative oncologist and get, gather your information.  Don't just listen to the allopathic person.  Get both sides of the story, so you can make an informed decision.  I didn't know that there was another side to the story.  I thought there was only one side of the story, so that was the only side of the story that I got, so that's what I went with.  But reach out, go onto Ty Bollinger's website.  Just, there are so many websites out there where you can gather information.   But get a professional that will help you that treats cancer integratively.  If it's a late diagnosis, it's harder to deal with.  That's exactly why I wrote this book, find it early so you don't have to make these life threatening, you know life changing decisions.  Because once they open that line for chemotherapy in your veins, you can't get that back.  I mean it's in, you can't get it back.  It's a very, very tough decision, but be informed.  Find someone who can give you both sides of the story, and be courageous.   Love yourself enough to take the time.  You do not have to um... It's not urgent.  

The day that I was told I had cancer... I tell people, I had a ticket in the back of my pocket, that was slipped in my pocket 7 to 8 years before, that said 'breast cancer-Jenny Hrbacek'.  All that doctor did was pull it out of my pocket and show it to me.  And I just didn't know it was there.  I had been walking around with cancer for years.  I did not know it.  You do not have to panic.  But please, please, please, get all the information.  Because there are some incredible physicians and clinicians out there, all around the world, that are healing cancer naturally.  And if you, if you do go with traditional treatment, which I did and I would not do that again, but some people just can't walk away from that.  But you have to have peace with what you do.  Please, hook up with someone afterwards and change your lifestyle  and monitor and make sure that cancer does not come back.  Because a recurrence, if you get a recurrence of cancer, 90 percent of those people succumb to the disease.  And you can monitor that with an oncocount.  I tell you how to get in my book, to make sure that circulating tumor cell count isn't going up.  

I've had people come back with cancer 30 years later, that I've spoken to that were told they were cancer free and it will be the exact same cancer that they had, show up in another organ that many years later.  And some people its 6 months, its two years its five years, it's six years.  But you need to keep your eye on it and don't go back to your lifestyle the way it was before. 


Registered nurse Jenny Hrbacek recovered from breast cancer. Here, she uses her experience to help offers advice to someone who just gets that diagnosis. Find out the first couple of things you should do as well as what kind of homework to do before deciding on a treatment.

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