Cancer Fundraisers-Here is Where Most of Your Money Goes!

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Interviewer: Doctor, what are your thoughts of some of the major fundraisers, cancer fundraisers. At Susan G Kuhlman, American Cancer Society they raise hundreds of millions of dollars every year and yet we in the situation we are still in no closer to what they're looking is supposedly a cure.

Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD CNS: I compliment their spirit. I think many of them have an altruistic notion that they think they're helping. Unfortunately, I have been involved in some of the grant reviews and what essentially what much of those funds are raised for is how can we give higher doses and longer cycles to more toxic chemicals. So it's research for more chemo and radiation. Rarely do those funds go into more creative and humane and scientific avenues. There are so many natural substances that could be researched, lipoic acid, the list is abundant, green tea. All of these have merit for research and very few dollars are put init that because we have this tunnel vision of looking at, well, we didn't cure that patient, so maybe if we have them higher doses of chemo or if we could give it for longer, maybe then we could cure them. So many of these fundraisers are using the same false ideology.


Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses where the hundreds of millions of dollars raised for cancer research goes. You might be surprised at where it goes and what might be a better alternative. Is this why we're not even close to winning the 'war on cancer'?

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