Cancer More About Diet Than Genetics

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Interviewer: What was your experience, and you touched on this earlier, your mom went through this. Your experience with traditional treatments, and what have you seen with those?

Tamara St. John: Well, my mother had breast cancer, you know 35 years prior, and she was, or maybe it was 30 years prior. She you know, went through the whole thing. She went through the mastectomy, and she went through chemo, but then mid-stream she stopped chemo, because it was killing her, and she told the doctor, she said " This is killing me, something's you know, not right." So she stopped, and she started doing the juicing, so I remember that as a kid. I remember you know,  the Vitamix, she actually gave me her old Vitamix, so I've got the old silver one that's like 30 something, 40 years old. So that's what I had used.

So I remember her juicing, and then she had told me later that she had went to Ann Wigmore, because Ann Wigmore used to be out here when she first started, and they used to do the actual seminars and stuff when she was first getting started, before  her institute. And so she went to learn from Ann Wigmore, and was doing wheat grass and was doing all kinds of sprouting, and you know, stuff like that.

She did the grape juice diet, I remember all of her teeth and her tongue turning purple from the grape juice. So I remember stuff like that, so you know, I think when it finally happened to me it was kind of meant to happen that I actually remembered stuff like that. So it had an effect.

Interviewer: When you talk about causes, your mother had the same cancer that you did. Do genetics play a role?

Tamara St. John: You know, genetics to me is very small, very small role, because it's more about diet, and even growing up we didn't have the best diet, you know, and you learn from your parents. You know, whatever they're feeding you they think it's good for you, but a lot of the stuff really isn't good for you. A lot of it has genetically modified foods in it. 

Now they didn't have GMO's when I was growing up, but you know, eating the breads, and pastas and stuff like that, and then of course when you get older, it was still making the same bad choices, by going to fast food instead, you know stuff like that. I never grew up drinking soda so I was never a big soda drinker, but just a lot of bad food, [??] you learn.

Tamara St. John came down with the same cancer her mother did. But St. John, who successfully treated her own cancer twice, says that she thinks genetics played just a small role in her cancer. She says the main cause comes down to diet.

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