A Cancer Treatment... In Your Garden?!

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Many natural plants and herbs are thought to have anti-cancer properties… now you can add daffodils to that list.

That’s right… a flower you might have in your own yard is showing benefits against cancer according to a study out of Belgium.  Researchers extracted a compound from the daffodils that binds to ribosomes.  Ribosomes synthesize all of our proteins… which cancer rely on.  However this daffodil compound blocks the production of protein by ribosomes… slowing cancer growth.   Daffodils have been used for centuries in folk medicine… but this study is a first to explain the anti-tumor activity.

And there’s some potential good news for people who have experienced heart failure… and it comes in the form of beetroot juice.

A recent study out of Indiana looked at the results of using dietary nitrate in the form of beetroot juice supplements on patients who struggled to exercise after heart failure.  The beetroot supplement resulted in significant increase in exercise duration as well as oxygen uptake.  There were also no side effects from the added dietary nitrate.

More research is needed… but researchers hope the supplementation can help improve physical activity levels, quality of life and maybe even survival in patients with heart failure.

Reducing calorie intake has long been known to help extend life spans as well as the duration of disease-free aging… now it looks like it might provide another benefit as well.

Research out of Pennsylvania looked at animals studies…  The results showed that diets reduced by 40 percent of normal calorie intake… can also more effectively regenerate tissue after injury.  One theory behind the findings is that calorie restriction slows age-related degeneration, allowing for more efficient tissue function starting at the stem cell level.

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