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Interviewer:You talked about blood test a lot and that's something that you do. Can youdetermine if you have a certain condition whether or not it's specificallyrelated to dental work or that it may be related to another environmentalfactor.

Dr. Hal Huggins: Pretty much so yes, however by the time somebody calls me they have seen20 or 30 doctor and nobody can figure out what's going on. Then I know it'sdentistry, and I'm going to be right well over 99% of the time. If you have abroken leg, and you go to the doctor and you got a leg hanging there like that,you don't have to go to 10 doctors to find out, hey you got a broken arm or yougot a broken leg. Those diseases are very easy to find, but when one doctorsays, I'm not sure but you might have da da da da da and another doctor says,oh, I think you might have da da da da and another doctor says, well I am goingto try this and it doesn't work,

 Lookin the mouth and the physicians who have worked for me have gotten, everyone ofthem have gotten to the point where I am just so biased that the first thing Ido is look in the patients mouth, so I try to turn them off and try to practiceconventional medicine, and I keep running into road blocks. Finally I say allright, open your mouth. There's the answer. Yes, when it is something that isincurable, look at the mouth because there are a whole long line ofneurological problems, endocrine problems, organ problems, when somebody saysyou know you say well how are you and you get an organ recital in return,pretty much you can count on it being dentistry. 

Now, Idid have one case; this was a learning experience where, hey, I know whatnickel crowns do, I know what amalgam does, you know, I know what the wrongtype of plastic does, you know I'm getting pretty smart about these things.This MD calls me and says my wife has Multiple Sclerosis. I use to haveMultiple Sclerosis. I had no use of my left leg whatsoever and when I hadtreated 1,000 cases I wrote a book on it. Yeah, no, ok. No big deal. I was inanother country at that time and, yeah, bring her up and we'll see if we can'ttake care of her. I don't have 100% success, but I've certainly got a higherpercentage than anybody else has. She comes in. I say ok, how many amalgams doyou have in your mouth? None. Oh, ok.  Well how many root canals do youhave? None. Did you ever have orthodontics? No. Ok, so I look at the x-ray andsays, oh, you've had your wisdom teeth removed and she says no they neverformed. So I'm looking at her husband the MD and he's looking at me and[laughs] ok. I said, well, you've had embryology. You know where thesestructures come from. Yeah, sure, ok. I'm talking to the physician here. I saidwell, the tooth comes from two different sources, the enamel, the crown comesfrom on source of originatic material, the root from another. The root iscompatible with bone. The crown isn't, which is part of that eruptiveforce. 

Why doteeth erupt they come up and then quit erupting? Well, there are ways to makeit super erupt basically they come in and stop right here, because the root'scompatible with bone the crown isn't. Where these teeth did not form, I suggestthe seeds for formation of the tooth is still there, and something geneticallyturned off those switches. Those wisdom teeth did not form, but the enamel isin there and the body creates an autoimmune reaction because the crownmaterial, even genetically, does not belong in bone and that is possibly enoughto create the autoimmune reaction called Multiple Sclerosis. He says wow wheredid you read that? I said nowhere. He said where did you hear it? I saidnowhere. He said where did you come up with it? I said I just came up with itjust now, because I can't see anything else that would create this disease. Hesays ok go ahead and clean them out. Now we are talking about his wife, nothim. 

 Itold the dentist I want these areas cleaned out and he looked at the x-rays andhe said, there's nothing in there. I said, I want them cleaned out anyway. Hehappened to be stimulated by what I have learned is the most important thing inthe world. You know what that is? Money. I said, I'll tell you what. I'll giveyou $125 cash, American, if you will just drill a hole in there and see if it'ssolid bone or if there's a hole down in there that has all these seeds ofdevelopment in it.  You do four of them and  that's 500 bucks. Hesays, cash? I said, now, if there is a hole in there then that's a cavitation,which is where a tooth has been removed but the membrane was not cut out. Thosenever healed. Well, occasionally they do but the wisdom tooth area they don't.You've got a pocket full of bacteria in here. 

 He doesthe test hole, starts out, and in the mouth you fall into some four or fivemillimeters, it's like falling into a manhole in the street. You fall into thisarea, and sure enough, there were four areas that were seeds of some kind; somekind of mass in there. We cleaned those things out and her MS went away.Obviously, we did the healing portion too but she got over her MS. I decidedmaybe we'd better start looking at these areas where the wisdom teeth neverformed. I kept track for awhile and we found 76 out of 84 that were theselittle pockets of infection, of autoimmune reaction. That's a high enoughpercentage that you can't see it on a x-ray. That's a high enough percentagethat we're just going to continue to do holes. If you just drill in and it'ssolid bone in a couple of days that'll have healed over. The patient doesn'thave any idea anything was done down there. What's the risk benefit? Verylittle risk; a whole lot of benefit, because, like with this gal, she got overher MS. What if she'd only had three out of four? She would still have gottenwell.




Dr. Hal Huggins explains that many conditions previously thought to be 'incurable', might just be reversed if you look in the right place. He discusses a certain example with multiple sclerosis that was treated because they were able to treat the cause.

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