Caution! Do This Before Starting A Detox!

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Interviewer: You mentioned detoxification. Do you subscribe to a lot of different types of that practice?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: You know, for a while I was looking into it and I actually came up with an acronym which I called the DES system, and it stands for detoxification, elimination, and stabilization. Do the D is for detoxification of the body. Eliminating, E, eliminating food allergies and the sensitivities. And then stabilizing blood sugar. And I thought this model would work really, really well for everybody. And it still does, but we have to rearrange the letters. So, for instance, we take someone that's already sick. We take someone that has an auto immune disorder, Hashimoto's, and they're not feeling well. And I put them through a detoxification protocol. A lot of times they will get sicker versus getting better faster. So what we want to do is try to get nutrients to the body first. Stabilize the blood sugar, get them healthy. And if you're a healthy person, so for instance I go through detoxification processes every single day. We all do, right? We sweat, we urinate, we defecate, and we breathe. So that's how we detoxify the body. You can speed that up, and that's the whole idea. Let's speed it up but in doing that, make sure the person is healthy before you speed up that process. It's kind of like cleaning the house, you know? You're going to start moving furniture, then you're going to start dusting. You're going to create all this dirt. Same thing with the blood stream. You're detoxifying the body, so you're really kicking up the performance of the liver, and it's kicking out back into the blood stream all these toxins. So people start to get achy, they feel like they get a fever, you know? It's basically like they're getting the flu. So make sure the person is healthy before you can detoxify anything from the body, which is important, but make sure they're healthy and do it in a safe manner. So it does work. There are better ways to do it than others, but it's something I do support.

Interviewer: And what are those ways? I mean, you can buy stuff over the counter, the liver detox pills and things like that. Then there's obviously a number of different ways to do it as well.

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: The simplest way for people to do it is just to try to speed up the body's own process of detoxifying itself. So by drinking more water, simply by doing that, sweating. So for instance I use an infrared sauna. I try to do it three times a week so I really just try to sweat out the toxins. If you're not exercising, do that regularly. Then use that along with, again, a nutritional protocol because I'm going to start to bring out some of these toxins in my body. So drinking lots of water, sweating, making sure people are regular. I mean, you should be going to the bathroom every day. Some people don't go to the bathroom every day! And multiple times throughout the day! So, drinking lots of water so you can speed up those processes. Then of course supporting those organs. So when you see these things in the store, right? You see the detoxification, right? You know, lose 10 pounds in 10 days. You know, what they're doing is you're trying to remove the SAD diet, the Standard American Diet, so get off some of the foods we've been eating. Let's focus on eating more pure foods, vegetables, juicing. So our body really starts to speed up the process of detoxification and then add some supplements. Milk thistle, that helps the liver. Vitamin C, glutathione. These things really speed up and help the detoxification system of the body.

Before you think about starting a detoxification program, you should know a few things. Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski discusses those things, including getting your body healthy before you start. Find out why that's so important and what may happen if you skip that key step.

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