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Interviewer: What's the difference between butter and margarine?

Sally Fallon Morell: Butter is a natural--

Interviewer: In terms of health.

Sally Fallon Morell: Butter supports good health. Eat butter. Eat as much butter as you want. 

Interviewer: Really?

Sally Fallon Morell: Butter is the perfect fat. If the cows are pasture fed it contains the critical fat-soluble vitamins. It's full of very available minerals. It's got a wonderful fatty acid profile, including it provides arachidonic acid, which is very important for our digestion, for our guts, for our skin, and our brains. Where as margarine is a fake fat. A margarine or a spread is rancid, may have trans fats in it, it's complete garbage.

Interviewer: So you mentioned this with eggs, too. How much do we have to know where these things come from? Where the chickens came from that laid the eggs, and where the cows and how they were treated and fed, that produced the butter?

Sally Fallon Morell: I don't like for anyone out of their diet. I do recognize that for some people their only choice is the supermarket. Our shopping guide that we produce, the Weston A. Price Foundation produces, recognizes that also. If your only choice is the supermarket, you're still better of with eggs, butter, meat, cream, those high fat foods, buy them at the supermarket if that's your only choice. But if you do have an opportunity to get these from a farmer doing grass-based agriculture, that's definitely much better. 

Interviewer: Could you explain how your website can help?

Sally Fallon Morell: The Weston A. Price Foundation website is, and the first thing you can do on that website is click on a tab on the right hand side that says find local chapter. We have over 500 chapters world wide, over 400 in the United Stated, so there's bound to be one near you. The local chapter keeps a food resource list that lists the farms in your area where you can get grass based eggs, raw milk, pasture-raised meats. And I'd like to say, spend half your food budget directly with a local farmer and the other half of your food budget, celebrate how small the world has become. Because I don't want to give up bananas or pineapple. I think it's a great miracle to have these foods today and I celebrate that.

Interviewer: Sure.

Sally Fallon Morell: And I celebrate buying locally as well.

Sally Fallon Morell is the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Here she discusses the health benefits of butter as well as how unhealthy margarine and other processed spreads are. She also stresses the importance of knowing where your food comes from.

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