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Interviewer: Tonja, can you explain what Verisol is?

Tonja Lipp: Yeah, Verisol is a product in our line of bio active collagen peptides which are all optimized for a specific physiological benefit. And Verisol is optimized to stimulate skin improvement, so wrinkle reduction, increased skin elasticity. 

Interviewer: Can you talk about the concept behind Verisol, what went into making this product?

Tonja Lipp: Sure. Like when we look at bio active collagen peptides, we really look for needs of people. And when you look at a human body, collagen is such an important part of your human body. It's basically 35 percent of the body protein content is collagen, and it's a main component in skin. It's a structural protein and that is how we got into the Verisol idea. And we really see it contributes in the beauty from within aspect, really strengthening your body, smoothing the skin.

Interviewer: There's millions of products out there that people can put topically on their skin for wrinkle reduction. Many of those don't work. How is Verisol different?

Tonja Lipp: So Verisol actually works on the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin. So the epidermis, that is what you can reach with topical applications. You can smooth out the top. But these are only temporary solutions, while Verisol really stimulates collagen formation. It stimulates the extra cellular matrix formation in skin, so you get a stronger bottom for the skin. So it works from inside out.

Interviewer: A lot of people taking supplements want to know how quickly things will work. What about Verisol? If someone takes that, how long will it take before they notice differences in their skin?

Tonja Lipp: So, as it is a natural product, it's a protein, it's a food, it has to take a while to function. So basically, we have clinical studies showing the benefits starting after four weeks with a significant improvement after eight weeks. So I would recommend eight week daily consumption of 2.5 grams to see a benefit.

Interviewer: Tanya, can you talk about the benefits of Verisol? How does it help the skin? In what ways? And is this a regimen that is easily incorporated into our lives?

Tonja Lipp: The benefits of Verisol which are basically increased skin hydration, increased skin elasticity, and reduced wrinkle depths have been demonstrated with daily dose of 2.5 grams of Verisol. And this is easily incorporated in your life. It's 2.5 grams of protein in addition to your daily eating regimen. So it's easy to use and a great addition.

Interviewer: A lot of people talk about bio availability as well. How do we know that what we're putting into our body is actually doing what it's supposed to?

Tonja Lipp: Yeah, this is a great point and a great concern because you can eat all day what you want and the question is what does it do? We have scientifically proven in studies that Verisol is quickly absorbed. It's partially absorbed in intact form. It's going into the bloodstream and reaching the target organ, skin, where it stimulates the fibroblast of the skin to produce more extra cellular matrix to increase the dermis substance.

There are many skin products on the market. Here, Tonja Lipp discusses the benefits of Verisol, a natural collagen product that can help support skin health from the inside. She discusses how Verisol works and how it supports skin health.

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