Combat Obesity With Vitamin D

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The final M is metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, gout which all tends to cluster and occur in the same patients. We know that Vitamin D in important for insulin release. For normal insulin release, particular the early phase of insulin release it's very important for insulin sensitivity. And a number of studies have looked at that. We know that patients who are obese are more likely to be deficient. And there's cause and effect there. There are study's showing that Vitamin D may be a mild appetite suppressant. So when you're Vitamin D level is normal, because you're more insulin sensitive and insulin in the brain is the appetite suppressor for the meal. So, once your insulin levels go up in your brain, you feel 'okay, I'm full now. I can stop eating'. But if your brain can't detect that signal because your Vitamin D deficient, you're going to keep eating a little longer, to raise the insulin levels a little higher to overcome that resistance. So, Vitamin D through the brain and insulin receptor sensitivity may be a appetite suppressant. So there is cause and effect with obesity. Hypertension, there are study's showing that when you...In the Harvard studies, these large cohorts studies, patients who had lower Vitamin D levels had higher blood pressure. And then there are prospective studies showing that when you take people with high blood pressure and you put them on Vitamin-D, not only does the tone of the blood vessel change, but there are systolic pressure and diastolic pressure go down, okay. So to recap, there's muscle and bone, there's mood, there's memory, there's malignancy. And there's metabolic syndrome. And these are the five big disease categories that are associated with Vitamin-D deficiency.
What role does vitamin D play in obesity and metabolic syndrome? Dr. James Dowd gives a great explanation of how optimal vitamin D levels can actually help you lose or maintain proper weight by regulating insulin. Find out how vitamin D can also play a major role in metabolic syndrome, often thought to the be precursor to type 2 diabetes.

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