This Common Prescription Could Also Be Among the Most Dangerous!

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Scott: Doctor, you mentioned sleeping pills,prescription for sleep help. What are some of the most dangerous medicationsyou think that are still being commonly prescribed today?

Dr. Carolyn Dean: Well, you know I didn't thinksleeping pills were that bad so I'm just stunned. 

I think the statin drugs are right up there andit's partly because of the cavalier attitude of doctors prescribing them. I'veheard doctors say 'Well, they should be in the water supply'. Everybody'scholesterol is at risk and the thing about cholesterol is a naturalantioxidant. It will be elevated when the body is under stress and under thestress of toxicity, whether it be diet or just your natural stressors in theenvironment.

So you're taking a statin drug to lowersomething that's actually helping you and when it strips the fats from yourbody, the cholesterol is a fat, so when that's stripped from your bodyeverybody cell in your body suffers because every cell in your body issurrounded and coated by a fatty membrane. And the most important fats and themost important cells are in our brain. They don't call us fat-heads fornothing. Because most of the fat in your body is in your . . .

Scott: Sure.

Dr. Carolyn Dean: . . . brain except when youget belly fat. 

At any rate, when you lose that fat, youactually are subject to the senility diseases. To itaxia and dizziness, to lossof memory. I mean, there are lists of these symptoms, you find them in the sideeffects of these drugs. But for some reason well, if we can drop yourcholesterol by five points, you know, we've won the battle. But the cholesterolreally isn't the problem. With heart disease it is the magnesium deficiencythat I will keep coming back to.



Dr. Carolyn Dean discusses some common prescription drugs that can actually be very dangerous, even when taken as prescribed. She mentions one class of drugs and why it's danger stands out above the rest.

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