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Interviewer: We've talked about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. What sort of conditions might LRT be beneficial for?

Prof. Garth Nicolson: As I've mentioned, practically any type of chronic illness. We've used it for chronic infections, everything from Lyme disease; we did a study on Lyme disease patients for example, to a variety of different chronic bacterial and viral infections. Any chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, so on and so forth, where there's damage to cellular membranes. It's useful for that, as well. Again, a variety of different chronic conditions, valve conditions, respiratory conditions, specific organ conditions, everything from hepatitis to, you name it.

We're very interested in neurologic conditions now, because in neurodegenerative diseases, all of them show problems with mitochondrial function. We're trying to see if this can help people who have loss of mitochondrial function that have a neurodegenerative disease. We've known from our own studies that, by using lipid replacement therapy, you can just take a normal person who's fatigued and they show loss of concentration, mood problems and so on, and you can correct those very quickly with lipid replacement therapy. It's a very useful tool for all kinds of different problems that are associated with everyday life, as well as disease.

Professor Garth Nicolson discusses a number of conditions that may benefit from Lipid Replacement Therapy, or LRT. He also talks about some new areas where LRT may show benefits.

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