The Conspiracy Behind the Suppression of Natural Cancer Treatments

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Interviewer: Ty, you've talked about some treatments for cancer, that there's possibly certain herbs and other therapies besides the big three that can work. Why are some of those natural treatments not more popular around here, or being suppressed even? Ty M. Bollinger: Yeah. The reason that many natural treatments are being suppressed is they're not lucrative. Because the big pharmaceutical companies, I call it Big Pharma in the book, they run the show. Big pharmaceutical companies are after drug money. It's a business. It's a cancer industry. It's a cancer business. So, when a natural supplement or a natural herbal product comes on the market that has an effective track record with treating cancers in tests, that supplement will be destroyed if it comes out as a cancer treating substance. Number one, you can't even claim it to treat cancer unless you're FDA approved. If that happens, you're going to be destroyed. If it comes out as just an herbal supplement, then people begin to make claims on their own. Maybe the patients begin to make claims about it or say, this really healed my cancer. Even then, they're not safe because the FDA is controlled by big pharmaceutical companies. If you look at the board of directors, there was a study that was done in 1999, I believe, or maybe it was 2000, that looked at the top folks in the FDA and in the board of directors in big pharmaceutical companies. At that time, they looked at 48 of those top officials. Of those 48, 39 held positions in both. You have the fox guarding the hen house. Right? You have big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, board of directors and chief executive officers, the people that make decisions in those organizations, all the same. So, in light of that fact, and in light of the fact that those folks that own the stock in the big pharmaceutical companies that are on their boards and they're also in the FDA. They're also in positions of power with the FDA. Are they going to cut their own foot off by allowing herbal supplements to overtake the drugs that they're making money on? It's not going to happen. It just doesn't happen. There are many instances of supplements that have come out, different cancer protocols that have come out, folks that were treating cancer at clinics naturally, and they were destroyed by the FDA. There was a cancer inquiry of the United States Senate Committee in 1953. This was over 50 years ago. They concluded, the Senate Committee concluded there was an active conspiracy to suppress natural treatments in the United States. Since that time, three or four different people that held high positions in the FDA have come out and agreed with that, after they've left, that there is active suppression of natural cancer treatments by the FDA. The reason is money. Interviewer: Still, nothing has changed. Ty M. Bollinger: Nothing has changed. Interviewer: That's come out 50-60 years ago. Ty M. Bollinger: Nothing's changed. No. It's worse, if anything. It's worse. Interviewer: It's one of the reasons then why we see doctors losing their license. Some I've even heard stories of them being put in jail for practicing exactly what you've mentioned. Ty M. Bollinger: Yes. That's why. It's all about the bottom line; It's all about money. I've got a chapter in the book called, 'Persecution and Suppression'. I think the first of the book, before I get into the treatments. It details story after story of doctors that were either thrown in jail, run out of the country, or killed for using natural treatments. Why did I include it in the book? Because this is a very in-your-face book. I wanted to tell the truth. There's not a lot of books out there about cancer, natural treatments for cancer, that are really as in-your-face as my book. The reason is, I'm that kind of guy. I'm just going to be me, and I got to tell the truth. I was mad when I wrote it, because I feel that if this information was made available to the public, my mom and dad would still be alive. I was a little bit angry when I was writing this book, especially the first chapters when I'm dealing with the cover-up, the war on cancer, what a fraud it is, and the suppression of treatments and persecution of doctors. I wanted to make it clear that, why do you not know about these treatments that are in my book? Because they're being suppressed. If you don't include that part of the book, the book doesn't make sense, because then you have a book about natural treatments that nobody's ever heard of and they think there's no possible way they could even work, because they've never heard of them. You've got to explain to them why you've never heard of this. How can you have valid treatments that you've never heard of? Here's why. Being suppressed. Interviewer: Have you seen any of that first hand? Either doctors, yourself, come under fire, people trying to discredit you or anything like that? Ty M. Bollinger: Oh, yeah. You can go out and just do a Google search of my name on the internet and find out that I'm a quack. I'm all kinds of things. The list is endless of critical comments about me, which is fine. It goes with the territory. Interviewer: Yeah. Ty M. Bollinger: It goes with the territory. Yeah. As far as doctors, I know many doctors that have moved out of the country because of this. Some of them have asked me not to mention their names because they don't want people to know where they are. Interviewer: Move out of the country, but still be able to practice then. Correct? Ty M. Bollinger: They're moving out of the country so they can practice. They practice medicine in other countries, or they'll do phone consultations from other countries. Yeah. Many doctors that I know personally that have left the country, because we have the guise of freedom here, of health freedom in the United States, but there really isn't as much health freedom as people think. There's health freedom if you fall under the umbrella of the protocols that are approved by the federal death organization, the FDA. If you don't fall under their umbrella, there is no freedom. If you don't fall under their umbrella, and you aren't using prescribed approved drugs of the FDA, you can't effectively treat cancer with natural supplements because they don't fall under the umbrella, so you're in trouble. If you do fall under their umbrella, you're going to have to use drugs. Drugs don't work to treat cancer. It's a catch-22 for these doctors. And they're told . . . I was doing an interview maybe three years ago with a doctor that had a radio show out of El Paso. He said when he was going through medical school, they told him, he started to learn about nutrition and herbs and supplements and all this good stuff and they told him, 'If you talk about herbs to your patients, you talk about nutrition, you talk about supplementation, you're going to lose your license. He said it was at that point that he dropped out of medical school and became a naturopath.


Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger explains why many natural cancer treatments continue to be suppressed and not available to most people. Ty discusses the motivation behind it and whether there is a legitimate conspiracy behind it. You'll be shocked at what's going on

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