The Conspiracy that Keeps GMOs Mainstream Here

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Interviewer: Why have GMOs become so prevalent in this country with, seemingly, such little pushback by the consumer as whole.

Jeffrey M. Smith: People ask me, "Why are they so concerned about GMOs in Europe, compared to the US?"  Then answer is, because they know about them. There's been a conspiracy of silence about GMOs by the mainstream media for so long. I'll give you an example - There was a mainstream headline scandal that erupted in Europe, a scientist had been given $3 million by the UK government to figure how to test for the safety of GMOs, and he had three different institutes working under him, and he was going to create the protocols that were going to be used as the safety testing assessments required by Europe.

Well, he discovered, quite by his surprise, that GMOs were very dangerous. Within ten days, caused potentially precancerous cell growth in the digestive tract of rats, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, damage to the immune system; they were a complete mess.

So, he went public with his concerns and was a hero for about two days at his prestigious institute. Then, two phone calls were allegedly placed from the UK Prime Minister's Office, forwarded to the receptionist, through the receptionist to the director of this institute, the director fired the doctor the next day, after 35 years, silenced him with threats of a lawsuit. They participated in a campaign to destroy this scientist's reputation over seven months. Finally, the UK Parliament invited him to speak, which lifted the gag order, and following the gag order's lifting, over 700 articles were written on GMOs within a single month in the UK.

Within ten weeks of the gag order being lifted, the tipping point of consumer rejection was achieved in Europe. Where Unilever, the Nestles, then virtually every food company committed to stop using GM ingredients in it's European brands, but not in the US, where the whole scientist scandal was described by Project Censored as one of the ten most under-reported events of the year. So, it was not reported in the US, and people just kept eating GMOs without knowing about.

It was reported in Europe, people rejected GMOs, and the same companies that sell us GMOs got rid of it over there; like Nestles, and McDonalds, and Burger King, etc. When we look at why is that the case, we can look at some specific examples of tactics used by Monsanto when they introduced their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. When Dr. Samuel Epstein was speaking against it, they actually talked to different reporters, trying to discredit Epstein, saying he had no standing among his peers, even though he's quite professional and credentialed.

They then rated all of the different reporters coverage on bovine growth hormone and their PR company threatened those that gave negative reports and rewarded those that gave positive reports. When Fox News was going to do four part news series on bovine growth hormone three days before it aired, a threatening letter from Monsanto's attorney was sent, and they vetted it and found it was completely accurate. They rescheduled it, and then another letter came threatening dire consequences to Fox and Rupert Murdoch, and then they ended up firing the investigative reports who were doing the research.

So, we have a situation where there's a lot reasons. There's the threat of a lawsuit, there's financial networking between the people that are involved, involved in biotechnology, etc, but what we are seeing more recently is some change in that. We're seeing more evidence, more reporting on GMOs in general, and even the health dangers. So, it is changing the playing field right now, as more people are aware of the problem.



Jeffrey Smith discusses the differences between how genetically modified foods are views in this country versus Europe. He mentions how some that have spoken out against GMOs have had their work and careers derailed. Find out more about what Jeffrey calls the conspiracy that keeps GMOs in our stores and on our plates in this country!

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