This Could Be A New Way to Treat Cancer!

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Scott: Another thing on your website, it talks about you as someone that's trying to develop new treatment plans.  And you have a cancer cocktail that you've developed.  Can you talk about that a little bit and what that is?

Dr. Mark Rosenberg: Sure, the cancer cocktail refers to using the drugs that block the efflux of acid that I referred to earlier.  So that's what that cocktail refers to.  But I'm involved, um, I started a um, pharmaceutical company that's purely a research company.  We're trying to get funding now.  But these new drugs that we've developed block a unique transporter that effluxes or transports lactic acid out of the cell.  And we're very excited with some of the animal data because the data is showing that, again as I referrenced earlier, the more aggressive the cancer is, generally the more glycalitic it is, which means, it really has to work hard on getting its acid out of the cell.  Because it's using so much sugar and it's making so much lactic acid.  So there is a transporter, called a monocarboxylate transporter, that literally transports lactic acid out of the cancer cell.  So we have developed drugs that block that transporter.  

Scott: What, and what have you seen in terms of effects from that or you're still in the early studies?

Dr. Rosenberg: Well, we've completed some mouse studies.  So we haven't, with regards to those drugs, we haven't used them on humans.  We hope to finish our animal studies in about a year and a half and actually go to the FDA, apply for investigational new drug status and initiate the first human clinical trial.



Dr. Mark Rosenberg discusses a new therapy that he's developed for the treatment of cancer. It's new approach that might just change the way many cancers are treated!

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