Could This Help Stop the Spread of this Deadly Breast Cancer?

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Diet may hold a key to helping preventing the spread of one of the most deadly types of breast cancer.

Researchers found that limiting an amino acid called asparagine in lab mice with triple-negative breast cancer… reduced the ability of the cancer to travel to other parts of the body.   The researchers used techniques like limiting asparagine found in the diet, among other techniques.  Asparagine is found in dairy… wheat… beef… poultry… eggs… asparagus and many other foods.  Most fruits and vegetables however, are low in asparagine.

Researchers think limiting asparagine in the diet could be a useful therapy to help prevent the spread of breast cancer.

Is alcohol healthy or not?  The answer to that question seems to change by the week… but a new study out of New York is showing that it might be ok to have that drink.

New research is indicating low levels of alcohol can help reduce inflammation and clear toxins from the brain… including amyloid plaques, which are associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study was conducted on mice… those that had the equivalent of about 2 and a half drinks a day… showed less inflammation in the brain and more efficient movement of fluid through the brain that helps remove waste.

The mice that were exposed to high levels of alcohol over a long period had higher levels of inflammation and impairment in cognition and motor skills.

Finally… drinking hot tea is often thought of one of the more healthy drinks you can have… but for some people, it might be just the opposite.

The study found that consuming hot tea is linked to an increased risk for esophageal cancer… in those who also drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

China is one of the areas with the highest esophageal cancer rates… Tea drinking Chinese men are also more likely to smoke and drink alcohol.  The study that looked at over 450 thousand people… and found those who drank hot tea while consuming excessive alcohol and smoked and an esophageal cancer risk more than 5 times greater than those who had none of those three habits.  

But the research noted that in the absence of alcohol and smoking, daily tea drinking was not linked to a risk of esophageal cancer.

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Learn about what new research is indicating when it comes to slowing the spread of one of the most deadly types of breast cancer. Also find get this week's update on whether or not alcohol can be beneficial. And could hot tea be leaving you at risk? Find out more in this video!

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