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Tom:  We're speaking this morning with doctor Thomas Levy, board certified cardiologist and an author of a number of books, including Curing The Incurable, which is a book that talks a lot about vitamin C.  Doctor Levy, could you explain to us how you came to be interested in it?

Dr. Thomas Levy:  Well it's interesting because, if you just ask the person on the street, and ask them is vitamin C important?  And they say, sure, I know all about vitamin C.  And its true, vitamin C is good, and it's a vitamin and we know it prevents scurvy.  But what so many people don't realize, and this was the point of the book, is the phenomenal affects vitamin C can have on health when used in much higher doses, than just the minimal dose that's the recommended daily allowance to prevent scurvy and having that deficiency disease.

I first became acquainted, if you will, with vitamin C in about 1995.  I was working as a cardiologist in Colorado Springs.  And came came to be acquainted with a maverick dentist by the name of Dr. Hal Huggins.  And he invited me over to his clinic, which he later asked me to become a medical consultant to his clinic.  And what I saw just was very amazing, unsettling to my traditional training.  I can't think of all the proper words.  I saw a whole range of incredibly sick patients.  Patients that were wheelchair bound. ALS, Alzheimer's, different chronic, degenerative diseases.  .  And I saw these incredibly ill and frail patients getting hours of extensive dental work.  Doesn't matter what it was, teeth extracted, whatever had to be done, but we all know how incredibly taxing just getting dental work done much less sitting in a dental chair for two, three, four hours and having the architecture of your mouth rearranged.  But what I noticed was, after all this was done, patients were feeling so well, they wanted to go out and eat a steak that night on their ten remaining teeth, rather than just go home and go to bed.

Dr. Levy:  That fast.  And I said, well I'm sure it's good to get toxins out of your body, but why is this happening so quick?  Dr. Huggins just pointed to the IV.  And all these patients were receiving anywhere from 35 to 50 grams of vitamin C intravenously before, during and after their dental work.  And I said, wow, vitamin C, just like a layperson, well I know vitamin C is good for you, but taking it by vein?  And that basically began my own personal pathway and research on vitamin C up to the point where we've come to seeing these two most recent books, Curing The Incurable and Stop America's Number One Killer.  So I came to realize vitamin C and other antioxidants can have enormous benefit for many people.  Typically, vastly more important, in my opinion, my clinical opinion, than any prescription medicines most people are on. 



Dr. Thomas E. Levy discusses how he became interested in studying vitamin C more and what he saw that convinced him to look closer at it. He also discusses some of the things that may be treated simply with high dose vitamin C.

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