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Dr. Bob DeMaria: Hello, my name is doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.  And today, ladies, I'd like to talk to you about something that's near and dear to my heart.  I've been practicing since 1978, I've been married since 1976.  And I've learned a lot practicing for such a long time, because I've seen generations of women come through my pracitce.  Two things.  Hot flashes.  Hot flashes send more women to their health care provider for advice, almost than any other issue that women deal with or contend with besides maybe tender breast and heavy menstrual flow.

So guess what I've learned from my experience that helps hot flashes.  There's three things.  Number one, often times, you may need some iodine.  Iodine, from my observation, helps promote optiomal hormonal function.  You want to be really careful with iodine though.  You want to go really slow.  I take 12 milligrams a day.  It has been suggested that Japanese women take about the same amount.  And they basically eat a lot of iodine in the form of sea vegetables and fish.  Now, if you do a lot of swimming in a pool with bromine, fluorine or chlorine in it, that could antagonize iodine.  So if you start taking iodine, go with the least amount you possibly can.  I'm not trying to recommend, or I'm not trying to prescribe for you right now.  I want you to use a little bit of thinking and common sense with this.  You might want to have a urine iodine loading test done to see how much iodine you are in fact, need off.  But I'm telling you, iodone has helped so many ladies in my practice.

I've also seen ladies have an issue with not enough oil in their body.  I mentioned some oils in the past.  Primrose oil, black currant seed oil, even flax oil, from my experience, has helped promote optimal hormonal function, reducing hot flashes.  

And finally, of all the glands in the body, you want to show a little love to your adrenal glands.  Your adrenal glads are your backup glands for optimal hormonal function.  So if you've been eating sugar, not getting enough sleep, lots of stress, your adrenals are exhausted.  How do I know they're exhausted?  Well if you came into my office, you usually have sunglasses on your head or sunglasses in your purse.  So if bright light bothers your eyes and you have an addiction to pastries and little cookies, that sugar can comprimise adrenal gland function.  

So let me give you a few drugless action steps.  Consider taking some iodine.  Go slow with the iodine.  If you have a metal taste in your mouth or a rash or a headache, you might be doing too much.  Second, make sure you're taking some oil.  And I'm not talking about trans fat, I'm talking about good oil, talking about flax oil, borage oil, primrose oil.  Those will help promote optimal function of your hormonal system.  And finally, you want those adrenal glands working at 100 percent.  Have someone take your blood pressure.  It should be at least 120 over 80.  And if it's lower than that, you might need some pantothetic acid.  Pantothetic adic promotes optimal adrenal gland function.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses hot flashes and some of their underlying causes. Find out what you can do to naturally support different parts of the body and how that can help you deal with those symptoms as well as others!

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