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So many people make the switch to artificial sweeteners with the thought that it’s a healthier option than sugar… But more evidence is showing that the exact opposite might be true…

A recent study out of Canada reviewed 37 different studies that followed over 400 thousand people over a decade.  The trials showed no effect of artificial sweeteners on weight loss… in fact… the longer studies showed a connection between artificial sweeteners and higher risks of weight gain and obesity… high blood pressure, diabetes heart disease and other health issues.

The author of the study said the data collected from the trials does not support the intended benefits of artificial sweeteners for weight management.

But having sugar-sweetened drinks along with a high-protein meal is a bad combination according to recent research…

A study out of North Dakota found that a third of the additional calories provided by the sugar- sweetened drinks were not expended and fat metabolism was reduced which may set the body up to store more fat.  The findings showed that having a sugar-sweetened drink with a meal impacted energy in a couple ways… the additional energy from the drink did not make people feel more full… and the additional calories were not expended and the breakdown of fat molecules was reduced.

Sugar-sweetened drinks are still the largest single source of sugar in the American diet.

Finally… sitting in rush hour traffic could be more harmful to your health than previously thought…

Duke University used measurements taken inside the car, instead of using traditional road-side sensors during morning rush hour commutes in Atlanta.

The devices detected up to twice as much particulate matter as the roadside sensors.  Research also indicated the pollution contained twice the amount of chemicals that cause oxidative street, which has been connected to many diseases like heart disease, cancer and more.  The authors stress there is still debate as to what types of pollution are the biggest concerns… but that driving during rush hour is worse than previously thought.

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New information about artificial sweeteners as well as sugary drinks should come as a warning if you consume either of those. Also find out why sitting in traffic might be more dangerous to your health than previously thought!

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