Doctors Couldn't Help–Find Out How He Healed His Condition!

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Interviewer:  Paul, talk about your story a little bit, and how health became a driving force in your life.  You had to get pretty sick to get the other way, didn't you? 

Paul Nison:  So I wasn't really health as I was growing up.  I was interested in athletic performance and I was just trying to be at the top of my game as a teenager.  But then when I was 20 years old I got diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is inflammation of the colon.  Very painful, but the worse is there's no cure, so I had no choice but to listen to the doctor because at that time that's all I knew.  And I wasn't getting better, I was getting worse, so I wanted to look at alternative methods of getting better because I heard they worked.

So the doctor told me diet had nothing to do with my condition.  Well, after doing more research, people said different.  So I wanted to decide who was right, the doctor or the people, and I decided to try changing my diet and my condition healed.  So I knew right away two things.  Number one, that diet did have something to do with my condition and health in general, and disease.  And the other thing was that doctors really don't know much about health.  They just know about preventing, or not even preventing but controlling disease.  

Interviewer:  Um-hmm.

Paul Nison:  But after you control it for a certain amount of time, it comes back.  So I decided I'm not going to listen to doctors and I'm going to listen to my body.

Interviewer:  You wanted to be an athletic performer.  What were you doing before that led up to the disease and do you think that caused it?

Paul Nison:  Well, I just was, as a teenager, I was just involved in sports.  So I didn't want to grow up and be an athletic profession...

Interviewer:  Sure.

Paul Nison:  ...I just was involved in sports.  And I was living the standard American life, eating the standard American diet, but I was a teenager, so I could get away with it.  What I found out was when you're older, you don't get away with those same things.  So I would eat a whole bunch of stuff.  My metabolism was very fast.  I wouldn't put on weight.  And I would just eat, like the standard American person but more.

Interviewer:  Okay.  

Paul Nison:  I know that's what led up to my issue.

Interviewer: Oh.  So you changed your diet.  How long was that change?  How long did that change take place?  Did you do it kind of gradually?

Paul Nison:  It's still taking place.   Now, after 18 years I'm still learning and growing from it.  But immediately I found out, I started feeling the healing effects immediately of eliminating certain things from my diet and lifestyle.  The number one thing I eliminated was dairy products, and animal products in general.  And then from there, I just gravitated more towards a raw food diet and a raw food lifestyle.  And then from there I simplified it to following correct food combining and getting rid of the hydrated foods and things like this.  And just made those adjustments.

Interviewer:  You said immediately you found relief.  I mean, was it that quick or was it kind of gradual? 

Paul Nison:  No, it was that quick.  Immediately I found relief.  Now, I'm not completely cured immediately but I found relief right away from my symptoms and it led up to me ultimately being completely healed.


Paul Nison grew up like many other kids across the country. But a debilitating condition changed his life. Again, like many people, he saw doctors for the condition, but they were unable to help. That's when he took matters into his own hands. Find out what he did and how that helped heal his condition. It's a process he says is still going on to this day. Doctors couldn't help, find out how he healed his condition!

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