Does This Lead to 80% Of Heart Attacks?!

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Scott: Doctor, when it comes to the environment of our body can you talk about what stress does to it?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Well stress requires thought and thought requires energy and anytime you're using energy and anytime your using energy your producing acid. 80 percent has already been studied, 80 percent of those who go to the emergency room like their going to have or did have an heart attack is caused by a thought attack a thought attack precedes a heart attach 80 percent of those who have heart attacks were preceded by a thought attack. Your thoughts can cause your heart to stop and it's not just your thought its the acids, it's the movie you're running in your head, that movie you've seen day in and day out that you keep playing over and over again. And as you play that movie you're producing acidic waste products. If you do not eliminate those acidic waste products it will kill you. So from diet to what you're eating, what you're drinking and now you've got on top of that thoughts, I mean you're really at a disadvantage at putting yourself in harms way by not understanding the simple thing. Your thoughts that you have require energy, produce acidic waste products that if not properly eliminated can make you sick and tired you can even make yourself fat with thoughts.


Could most heart attacks be caused by something we're doing and could control? Dr. Robert O. Young discusses this topic and shares how this is possible through a build up of acids in the body and how that relates to our heart health. Does this lead to 80% of heart attacks? Find out here!

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