Do's and Don'ts of Starting an Anti-Cancer Diet

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interviewer: Ty, let's talk about prevention a little bit more. And what are some of
the better foods that we can eat? We touched on nutrition just a little bit
earlier, but what are some of the foods that we can eat that presumably
would enhance our immune system and make us, you know, healthier overall?

Ty: yeah. Yeah, great question. Greens are great. Green foods are great.
Super greens are great - chlorella, spirulina. We drink... we have a...
every day for lunch we have a... we call it our super smoothie, me and my
wife and kids, and we have a scoop of super greens, a scoop of super berry,
which is fruits - organic fruits that are dehydrated. The greens are, let's
see... kelp, barley, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina - whole host of
greens that are in the... it's a product that we take called 'Living Fuel'.
But we have super greens, super berry, and then we have a couple scoops of
isolated whey protein, and mix that in with some water and ice cubes and
taste great. It really tastes fantastic. Even my little four-year-old - oh,
she just turned five - she loves it. So that's an excellent way to get in
greens and fruits, is through taking a supplement like that. But if you
don't have the money for those, because they are a little expensive, then
organic fruits and vegetables are a great staple. Stay away from
genetically-modified foods; that's probably a big thing that we haven't
really touched on. Corn and soy are the two biggies.

Interviewer: Why? What do those... talk about those a little bit. What do they...?

Ty: Yeah.

Interviewer: What do they... how do they modify them and how does that effect our

Ty: Well "genetically modified" means that scientists are actually getting
in and messing with the DNA of these seeds, and then it messes with the DNA
of the plant. And studies have shown on both corn and soy beans - they've
tested them on hamsters in Europe; I don't know that it's been done here.
Maybe one study was done at... in Maryland that I remember. But most of the
studies have been done in Europe, because they're more opposed to GMO than
we are, if you've been watching the news. The U.S. is letting all kind of
genetically-modified foods; Europe not. But they've done studies to show
that by the third generation in hamsters, that the GMO - Genetically-
Modified Organism, GMO - the GMO corn and soy caused sterility in hamsters
by the third generation, okay? That's what we're eating now. That's what
we're eating. If you eat processed foods, you're eating GMO corn most
likely, because corn... the corn filler is in everything. High fructose
corn syrup, it's just sugar, right? Like we were talking about earlier,
it's genetically-modified. So it's in everything, so if you're eating
packaged foods, you're eating genetically-modified corn and/or soy,
probably both. Because soy is in almost everything too, if you look. Over
90 % of the crops in the U.S. GMO corn and GMO soy, okay? The best way to
shop: stay on the outside of the grocery store. You've heard it said
before. Because on the inside is all the packaged foods, and on the outside
is the refrigerated foods and the vegetables and the fruits. So eat as
organic as you can - fruits, vegetables. Stay away from... if you're going
to drink milk, drink organic milk, because the non-organic milk, the cows
have likely been injected with RBGH, which is Bovine Growth Hormone, and
other antibiotics and a lot of other stuff. So that milk that you're
drinking that's typical milk that's not organic is really, really bad for
you. And the estrogen's really high in it; there's a huge estrogen link to
cancer as well. So the estrogen level of those milks are really high, and
so you could be causing your kids to get cancer by drinking any kind of
milks or milk products - cow products that are not organic. So shop on the
outside of the store; eat as close to natural as you can. We eat about
probably 60 to 70 % raw, so we'll cook some foods but we try to eat a lot
of fresh vegetables, fresh greens, fresh salads, because you have the
enzymes in the vegetables and the fruits that help you to digest the food.
So that's probably a good suggestion, is eat as naturally as possible and
try to stay away from the processed. And try to stay away from the fast-
food joints if possible. You know, if your main three food groups are
milkshakes, burgers and fries, then you got some issues, okay?

Interviewer: Plenty of them.

Ty: Yeah. Eat fruits and vegetables and teach your kids... that's the
problem. See the parents today are so busy working and trying to make money
that they're not with the kids, and so the kids... they give the kids money
- "Go to the burger joint and get a burger." And so the kids are growing up
eating burgers and fried and cokes and milkshakes, and that's what they
think a typical diet is. That's a cancer diet. Your foods that you're
eating are either going to fuel cancer or they're going to fight cancer,
and the herbs that you can eat... herbs are something we haven't really
talked about. Natural herbs - cooking with natural herb. We've got a herb
garden. We cut basil, cilantro, lemongrass, mint leaves all the time and
mix them in with our salads, so when we eat fresh salads, we'll cut up all
these herbs and mix them in with them. And you know, it might be hard to
sit down and just eat a bunch of basil, but if you cut it up real small and
mix it in with a salad, kids will eat it. So you get the herbs in them that
way because herbs have so many medicinal properties we haven't even touched
on. Those are all great ways to be kind of a... have kind of a cancer-
preventing diet.

Medical researcher and author Ty Bollinger discusses foods that support your immune system and that could, in turn, help your odds of avoiding cancer. Ty also talks about geneically modified foods. Find out why they're bad and how they're modified

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