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Scott: When you talk about cancer, most of itcomes from there, doesn't it?

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Absolutely Scott.Aboslutely. It comes out of our own mind. Cancer is created by us the same wayhealth is created by us. It is always inside out. It is always as in the insideas on the outside. And this is basically the secret of life. If you arementally happy, you will be physically happy. If you are mentally healthy, youwill be physically healthy. If you are mentally successful, you will bephysically, monetarily successful. 

When you find the secret, and I have worked withover three million seminar attendees in my life, with over 35,000 patients.I've never been wrong. So, with the conclusion of two independent studies done,having a cancer cure rate of 92.3%, I mean, I know what I'm talking about. Ithink I have 100% cure rate historically in patients that never had any form ofmedical treatment before. So all the patients that died that I had, were reallyearly on before I perfected my system, or they were treated by the medicalprofession before, and damaged so hard that there was not much we could do.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell discusses what he calls the 'secret of life'. He also explains how that relates to our overall physical and mental health as well as how cancer really starts in our body.
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