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Interviewer: One of the things that people say about eating healthy is that
it cost too much money.

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS: Yeah.

Interviewer: And it's... some of that stuff's not readily available. You
mentioned the grass-fed beef and chicken, things like that. What do you say
to that when you can go to McDonald's and get, you know, a whole meal for a
bunch of people for only $5.00, $6.00, $7.00?

Dr. Quillin: Very good point and this is where we're having a growing chasm
between the have's and the have not's. The first chasm came out of the
1980s with computers. If your family had computers, your more likely that
your children will be successful in school and college and get a good job.
You don't have a computer, your on the other side of the Grand Canyon.
You're in deep trouble.

Interviewer: Mm.

Dr. Quillin: And now we're having the same thing with food. There are areas
of the country where grocery stores have withdrawn. You can't... even if
you read about fruits and vegetables in my books and said, "Well, I better
eat more of that," there's not a grocery store within walking, or maybe
even driving, distance to get fruit and vegetables. So that is a clear

The business of is it more expensive? No. If you're shopping in your
standard big city grocery store, eating wholesome foods that I'm talking
about will save the average family of four about $1,500 a year, which is
enough to take them to a nice, decent summer vacation.

Not only that, but what you'll find is everybody's worried about who's
going to pay my health insurance premium? What if you didn't need one? What
if your body repaired itself? What if you ate a good diet so that you could
live a long and fruitful life and at age 82, after a wonderful family
reunion, you died in your sleep and you didn't need all of this expensive,
invasive, controlling, disabling healthcare and that's where a whole food
diet is cheaper.
Dr. Patrick Quillin explains how eating healthy doesn't have to cost more. He explains how you can save money in the long run, by eating a whole food diet and how that could actually impact your health insurance!

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