Even the ADA Advises Against Fluoridated Water in Bottles

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Breastfeeding Protects Babies from Fluoride Overdose

Interviewer: When it comes to infants ingesting fluoride is breast feeding better?

Dr. Paul Connett: Absolutely.

Interviewer: If they still get some. Is that because it's in the mothers

Dr. Connett: It's very little. Very, very little. As I said the bottle fed
baby in a fluoridated community is getting about 200 times more fluoride. And nobody has ever suggested for one moment that there's any advantage to bottle feeding the baby fluoride as opposed to breast feeding. The situation now is the American Dental Association actually advises against bottle feeding with fluoridated tap water.

But they don't want to make too much of this, because they're frightened that people would then worry about the whole practice of water fluoridation. When we tried to introduce this warning, we wanted this warning on the water bills in New Hampshire. We started with New Hampshire.

We wanted the warning to tell parents, advising against using bottled water in a fluoridated community. To bottle feed their babies and then the dental lobby opposed this. Yet, I remember in November 9th, 2006 they put out a memorandum to their membership advising them to tell parents not to use fluoridated bottles. So we are only trying to do what they themselves have done. But, meanwhile, of course, they found out that this might threaten the whole practice of water fluoridation.

Dr. Paul Connett explains how breastfeeding can greatly help reduce the amount of fluoride that gets ingested by infants. He also states the American Dental Association now advises against using fluoridated water in baby bottles. However Dr. Connett says that dental lobbyists try and keep this quiet.

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