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Scott: We've talked about a number of different foods, and you've come up with something you called a Delgado Protocol. Can you explain what that is?

Nick Delgado, PhD: Well . . .

Scott: In a nutshell.

Nick Delgado, PhD: Yes. Over a 35-year period, I went around to scientists. I'm blessed because I travel all over the world, and I get to meet with these scientists and doctors and educators, and after I've reviewed the medical literature and science, I try and seek out these people who I consider to be the most knowledgeable in each of their respective fields, whether it be biochemistry or nutritional health or fitness or bioidentical hormones. 

All of this research, I've kind of come together with what I call simple protocol. That protocol really is individualized. How do I take a person from about a 12-page questionnaire, if they go to our website,  answer all the questions related to their diet, their exercise, their sleep patterns, their sexual function, and their hormone levels based on several questions related to thyroid and DHE and each of the hormones. We compile all of that information and then we have them do a recent lab test with Dr. [Goslin], one of our medical directors, or Dr. [Satchi]. We put that information together, and depending on the person's goals, we outline a very personalized program to help that person achieve their goals. The protocol is personalized and developed based on each person's needs.

Dr. Nick Delgado explains the personalized program that he came up with to help patients achieve their individual health goals.

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