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Interviewer: So if we have a gluten sensitivity and we go gluten free, what are we giving up and how do we learn how to read labels, things like that, and know what to stay away from?

Dr. Tom O'Bryan: Really good question. Very hard to do it on your own without some expert guidance. My website is The doctor dot com. And I have been teaching on this now for about eight years, and there are doctors now who have gone through my full programs. They pass the test. I make them all pass a test. If they pass the test, then they're listed on my website as certified gluten practitioners. And you'll see on the website, we have hundreds of them all over the world. We just got one in Shanghai. So we're going international now, which is really exciting. And there's a caveat. I can't promise how these doctors practice. I can't promise about what they do. But I can certify that they went through the training, they passed the test, they should know how to do this. You need to find a nutritionist, a registered dietician, a staff person in a doctor's office who is very well trained in how to do this because there's hidden sources of gluten. It's in your cosmetics. It's in your medications. It's in your vitamins. Unless they say gluten free on them, it's a very common filler. It's in soy sauce. Now there's gluten free soy sauce, but you have to ask for it, or you have to buy the gluten free soy sauce. Then you can make all of your dishes with soy sauce. But if you don't know that and you think you're having a healthy gluten free meal in a Chinese restaurant and they're using soy sauce, you're getting enough exposure, remember an eighth of a thumbnail, you're getting enough exposure that general gluten gets turned back on. And if your weak link is in your liver, here come the antibodies to your liver again, killing off liver cells. That's why killed my godmother was liver cancer, but we found out it was secondary to Celiac disease, that it had been there for decades and no one knew. No one knew. She had no symptoms until there was so much damage. Now all of a sudden the liver started acting up.


If you have a gluten sensitivity, how do you go about starting a gluten free lifestyle? Dr. Tom O'Bryan discusses the importance of getting professional help so you can recognize which items to avoid and which might have gluten-free options.

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