Fish Oil Toxicity? Look at Omega-3 from Algae

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Interviewer: ...You talk about toxicity a little bit. That's something that
people are concerned about when it comes to any fish product, is mercury and other toxins. Is there a similar concern with algae?

Dr. Isaac Berzin: Right. It reminds me of an article about fish in National
Geographic. They harvested the fish off of the coast of New York. They
analyzed it for pharmaceuticals. Then they created a picture of the fish
from the relevant pharmaceuticals they found. The conclusion was, for the headache, don't eat Tylenol, eat the fish. The Tylenol is in the fish.

So to answer your question, of course it's an open kind of system, it's an open pond. You have to have control ponds in every place throughout the growth and harvest and the extraction process. The nice thing about it, you can do that. If you're just grabbing fish and squeezing them, you don't know what the fish ate yesterday. You don't know where it went. Maybe it was swimming next to a chemical plant that that specific day released all the mercury down the drain. I think the fact is a controlled environment gives you the opportunity to make sure that all the contaminants that people are rightly so worried about are controlled and monitored.
Omega-3 supplements from algae may be a better option than typical fish oils. Dr. Isaac Berzin discusses toxicity concerns when it comes to omega-3 supplements. Mercury and other harmful toxins may be found in fish oils, but he says algae may be a better, cleaner option.

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