Flu Shot? Why He Says You're Risking a Lot!

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Interviewer:  We live in the northern partof the country and that means it's flu shot season . . .

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.:  Right.

Interviewer:  . . . for us up here.  Italked to a couple of people that I know that work in the medical field and . ..

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.:  Yeah.

Interviewer:  . . . they said that they gottheirs and I said I hadn't and they said, "You have too!  

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.: Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: You have to get a flu shot if youlive up here.  I had them before.

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.:  Yeah.

Interviewer: Re-thinking it this year.

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.: If your doctor geta flu shot, find another doctor, because that tells you all you need to knowabout their understanding of how the flu really happens. You're risking alot. 

The flu shot still containing 25 or somicrograms of mercury in the form of Thermarisol, which doesn't belong injectedin any human. It's the second most toxic metal known to man, maybe knownsubstance to man. It's horrific that they would do that. And of course theyguess at the flu shot each year, they guess at the strain.  

And again, remember it isn't the identificationby your immune system of the strain that's going to help you ultimately. It'sokay to have it, but what it is is your immune system. First and foremost, whatis that?  That means having an intact gastrointestinal system. We talkedbefore or maybe after about this gastrointestinal issue, healing the gutlining. Having the villi have integrity.  No more leaky gut, allowing forthe microflora to live in that gut that is your interface between the outsideworld and your inside world.  And in this way, you now have a normalresilience and, how we say defense because the mucus membranes of the nose,even in the eyes, the saliva in the mouth, the sinus cavities, all of thesehave a protective barrier or mechanism, where the virus can never really domuch to you unless it has a way to go through you. Right?  

If you have the gastro-esophageal issues:inflammation, injuries to the lining, any kind of microbial imbalance where youdon't have the good flora present. Now you have access for the viral particlesto now go into areas of the body that normally they wouldn't interact and yourimmune system can't readily interact, and now they replicate, creating whatthey call infection. 

Now, even in those cases most people are healthyenough to beat it back. It's brutal, it's no fun, but if we utilize silver, ifwe utilize oil of oregano, if we utilize any number of botanicals, if weincrease our selenium, vitamin C, and number of things that can help us withthe immune system; echinacea, these are classic.  We get through it.  

But the thing is that people who don't getthrough it or that get through it and them succumb later are the people thatalso have the intestinal problem as well as the liver. The liver is congested.They can no longer detoxify the debris from even a successful immune battle.Now they've got a battlefield strewn with dead bodies circulating throughoutthe system and they're just desperately trying to get this garbage out. They're endotoxins, toxic poisons now the body has to eliminate and ifthe liver is congested because, listen, people aren't eating organically, ifthey've been hammered by any number of the things that we've mentioned oftoxins, even at small levels over time, the liver is overwhelmed. The seleniumis depleted.  The body is not able to do what it can do. You're notproducing enough glutathione.  

And that point now the body is smart, it throwsit out any which way it can. And one of the easiest escape routes for people isthrough the respiratory system, the pulmonary system, the lungs. And now youstart seeing fluid and mucus and debris being dumped in the lungs where you'recoughing it out. And if the people are weak and deficient like those withchronic illnesses, remember the people that die of the flu or the secondarycomplications, already have preexisting immune deficiencies, they don't recognizeliver congestion like I do. But these are the people now that are adapting,they are adjusting, they are trying desperately and their so weak that theysuccumb and they die, in these cases. 

So, in these cases we have to increasedetoxification capacity of the body by all the means that we know.  Andnow we never have to resort . . . now, however, homeopathic medicine. We've gotcompanies and remedies that address homeopathically, all the symptoms of flu aswell as the specific viruses associated with that years flu strain or any otherflu strain. And you can take those orally with no risk of toxicity, no risk ofgetting the flu or other things. Like they've also talked about some aluminumin there as well, five, if you get a flu shot five years in a row there'sreports now that say you have a ten times increase risk of Alzheimer's disease. Which is huge.  Do we need that?  No.  

On top of the fact that many Americans have beenduped into taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol, which is essential forbrain and neurological function.  The people with higher cholesterol aregoing to live longer and they're going to have clear cognition well into theirelder years with no Alzheimer's.  They don't tell you that, right, butthey have a drug to lower it so everybody must lower it. So if you want to talkabout that more we can certainly bust that note.



Robert Scott Bell talks about whether or not flu shots are really effective. He says to be warned if your doctor says he or she got a flu shot! Also, find out what he says is a more effective protection against the flu!

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