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Interviewer: How does your diet, you mentioned alcohol in white bread, sugar, things like that, how does that in turn affect the structure?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Everything is connected in the body. You cannot just treat one organ or one system.

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: They're all interconnected. Things can actually happen... well a couple of examples so everyone will understand.

When a person is having a heart attack. If you're lucky you know you have a chest pain. If you're not lucky and haven't heard about it, your left arm can go numb or you can have pain in your arm. You might go to physical therapist or even chiropractice and say, "My arm hurts!" In reality you're having a heart attack.

Pain can be elsewhere. Organs can relate to muscles and tissues. Another example, somebody has gall stones. Or inflamed gallbladder. You can have pain between shoulder blades. You can massage it until the cows come home, with no results, unless somebody realizes. You see the connection...

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: ...Between muscular skeletal issues and organs and systems. That's why you need to be aware of what's going on in the whole human body. Do not treat the need, treat the person. I'm not a back doctor. I'm a people doctor.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: You need to treat people, as a whole person. Somebody comes to me with their finger or knee, I ask them same question, "How's your water? How's your food? How's your rest? How's your sleep? How's your emotional load? What's going on?"

Sometimes you figure out, this is a very common thing in my practice, people come in with a low back pain and get it fixed without it being touched. Because most of the time it's a compensation for the other problems in the body. How many knees did I fix without touching it once? Well, I assessed it, but I was working in the body in absolutely different places, maybe a foot, maybe a neck. Knee pain is gone. You need to see the complete picture of the complete person. That way you're going to get results. Permanent results.
Dr. Vladimir Gordin explains how different systems and different parts of the body are all interconnected. That's why, he says, things like diet can affect other parts of the body, including it's structure

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