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Interviewer:     Doctor, talk about what you are trying to do here at your
practice.  You have a big expansion coming up, a new facility, what's the
philosophy behind what you are trying to do here?

Dr. Joel Baumgartner:        Yeah, well Regional Medical started about four
years ago, and at that point I was doing mostly orthopedics and sports
medicine, and we were also at that point doing some of what is called
prolotherapy, which is a type of  regenerate medicine and that point I
decided to kind of start my own clinic because I wanted to do things a
little bit differently.  And I was kind of somewhat, maybe two reasons I
did that, one, was I think my patients were demanding it. They didn't want
the cortisone shots. They didn't want band-aids. They didn't want pain
medications and I didn't want to practice where I was always refilling pain
medications and giving people cortisone shots and band-aid approach.  So,
we started Regional Medical really to do two things.  One, to expand our
regenerate medicine side of what we do and, two, to expand  what we call
the functional medicine side of medicine, which is more looking at
optimizing peoples function on the inside.  So, here is an example say a
patient comes to see me and they have degenerated knee and we work it up
and get the MRI.  There's arthritis , they have lost there meniscus and
they have tons of arthritis in this knee.  So, they want me to do some
regenerated procedures like prolo or stem cell to try to  regenerate the
cartilage. So that was no problem we could get the body healing, but we are
finding out that those patients weren't optimizing their health, if they
weren't eating right, if they weren't eating healthy foods, if they weren't
optimizing there supplements, if they weren't at an ideal body weight that
that knee would only get so much response to those injections that we're
doing to try to stimulate the repair.  So, we kind of expanded from the
orthopedics and  non-surgical sports medicine to the functional medicine ,
optimizing peoples hormones, checking to see what supplements  people are
deficient on, making sure people are eating well and then getting their
ideal body weight.
Dr. Joel Baumgartner describes his philosophy behind his practice and how it may be different than what you're accustomed to. Find out why regenerative medicine is a focus in his practice.

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