Is This Food a Cancer Killer?!

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Hi and welcome to this week’s look at natural health headlines on iHealthTube dot com…

There is promise being shown for one of the most common types of cancer… and it comes in the form of a tomato…

Research out of Italy shows that whole tomato extracts from two Italian variety of tomato inhibits stomach cancer growth.  The research indicates the effect on tumors is NOT related to lycopene, but suggests the entire tomato should be considered.  The two tomato varieties were able to affect the cancer cell cycle and ultimately induced cancer cell death.  

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world.  The hope is this new information could lead to the potential use of specific nutrients in cancer prevention and as an addition to current cancer therapies.

One of the most debilitating forms of arthritis may be preventable… with simply a good diet and regular exercise…

A new review out of England indicated a link between metabolism and osteoarthritis… which is the most common form of arthritis in the U.S. and United Kingdom.   Metabolic changes… typically caused by poor diet and s sedentary lifestyle… trigger the reprogramming of cells in the body and joints… those changes affect the cells ability to make energy… forcing it to find alternative sources to function.  That stress leads to an overproduction of glucose which transforms into lactic acid when not used for energy.  High levels of this acid leads to inflammation of the joint’s cartilage which affects movement and causes pain…

Osteoarthritis has been known as simply a ‘wear and tear’ condition… but researchers now say it’s important to recognize the importance of diet and lifestyle in the potential prevention of the disease.

Finally, the common cold is something that affects all of us, but there appears to be help in determining just how long it does…

Analysis of three randomized trials show the benefit of zinc acetate lozenges in helping the recovery rate from the cold… The dose of zinc in the studies was between 80 and 92 milligrams a day.  In the trials… 70 percent of the patients who took zinc lozenges had recovered by the fifth day of the cold… while just 27 percent of those had recovered who were given a placebo.

The author of the study said the formulation and frequency of the lozenges still needed more study… but the low risk of adverse effects showed promise for their use in fighting colds.

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New research is indicating a common food might help the fight of one of the world's most common cancers. Also learn about ways you can help prevent the most common form of arthritis and find out how you can also help cut the duration of the common cold!

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